Monday, March 15, 2010
slurping up a bowl of Jewels Artisan Chocolate's macarons

And all i can say is yumzzzz ..
Most Macarons i have tasted often give mi a sugar-high, some not in a good way. Even for TWG's macarons, i would only vague rmb its taste.. But for Jewels Artisan Chocolate's Macarons; i was craving for seconds minutes after i tried it .. yumzz

I got myself a box of 5 :
2 Black Palm Island Salt Macaron
* Filled with salted egg & almond cream topped with black palm island salt ...
just like salted caramel ( nt the taste ), but sweetness match with a hint of saltiness .. making it veri addictive .. i regret nt getting more
2 Butterfly Pea Bloom
* Filled with kaya & pandan almond cream
Ya Kun and better within the shell .. absolutely yumzzz .. Shell crisp and filling meaty ...
1 Green Tea
* Filled with green tea & dark chocolate crunchy pearl
Most filling are smooth, while this gives you a mouthful ...

Sighzz ... i crave ...

[ - 雯'§ - ] penning down @ 3/15/2010 06:46:00 PM


sans amour .. mir ist einsam.....

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