Monday, October 01, 2007
listening to : 陈绮贞 - Sentimental Kills

Was at Cheerz'[陈绮贞] concert on Saturday, and what can i say, nostalgic moments juz surged up on the memories on how her songs were in my life.
She's one my favourite artists and still is, her crystal clear voice with hint of innocence. With her ideas of alternative rock and lil bossa nova combined. This is one of the best concert i been to, and I have been quite a few.
Sighzz, 旅行的意義 was really gd .. and she even had a different music arrangement for 還是會寂寞.
Now how many artists actually care abt having non-repetitive performance to her audience, letting her audience having a treat everytime she performed.
And of course, her 告诉我 juz really hit the spot, putting me into tears ...

Well, hope to see her soon.... keep it up Cheer. I will always be waiting for your new works =)

P.S. Had my favorite ou wa mi shua on sat after the concert, yumzz yumzzz =)

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sans amour .. mir ist einsam.....

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