Monday, August 06, 2007
slurping up some mini buns

Both me and my aunt agreed we are not to meetup for any major shopping mall for the nxt 6 mths, for everytime we did, we would BURN our pockets so badly. Arghzzzzz

We 1st met at 'OG' chinatown lvl 2 where we were casually lookin at belts, which both of us ended up getting 1 each. We den went off to bugis for a bite but din for we agreed to treat ourselves a scrumptious japanese dinner. We were abt to shop at g2000 bugis, but i suggested that might as well go off to g2000 suntec which has a bigger storefront and much more merchandise and off we walked out of bugis, proceeding to Suntec.

Since we were at the crossroad of bugis, i bought her to a new cafe [Food for Thought] and we had the Combination Platter for One [SGD 6.50]. Rather good though, but she not much used to slightly cafe-ish food [sandwichs and salads], it was ample. The sandwich we had was pulled pork[with brilliant cracklings] and a roasted beef salad[meat was tender and succulent].

Suntec was great, for I got 2 shorts from veeko [yah i liking shorts now]. Trying to curb our shopping habits, we went off DMK.
You have to understand both me & aunt are shoe-a-holics, we had a blast at DMK and off we went out with a pair EACH again. G2000 was our initial target so we den slowly swag ourselves there, which my aunt spotted skirts [A-line] which she adored soo much and bought 2 in a go. There were pants going for $19 bucks each so both of us grabbed a pair each as well. Sighzzz anyway MNG was nearby, so b4 we went for our dinner we did got in and grabbed another basic MNG tee to our bz arms ..

At the end of the bag, my hands are so filled with bags tht I really got the term 大包小包

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sans amour .. mir ist einsam.....

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