Tuesday, August 07, 2007
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K i hve to fess up ... coz i cant bottle it in me anymore ... Yesh Mr G, you are right something did happened but nothing crucial ...

I juz really needed a fren beside me and nt wantin to trouble jo or lvin, I den asked him for some dinner and company as in to chill ... Bad idea ... I knw in the past yr we have distanced ourselves as friends for I tend to be much more cynical abt life and nt wanting to tink as much as before. But still ...

Issue is I been treating him as a gd fren who is always online for mi to fire rants and chat with esp midst of the night, and whom he den tell mi his sad/mediocre stories some funnie some quirks in his life .. And i would soften my heart to give him advice as a fren and him doing the same as both of us are sensitive & rather emotional ... Now with tht issue between us[true in our last conversation, we said nt to tok abt it anymore], i feel it awkward to tok to him anymore. And somehow he too distanced me as a fren. And the fact that he being in an accident, makes mi wan to show concern to him as a friend but find it hard to for I dun wan him to mis-interpret my friendship. Arghzzz why cant things be as simple as it is ...

Pt of me being able to let the incident go coz its was accidental and I guess in some way will never happen again ... and him being a gd friend does matter too ... Toopid mi i knw for jo has been chiding me on what I told him ... Haizzz

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sans amour .. mir ist einsam.....

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