Sunday, August 26, 2007
Ramdom quote of the day :
"Everything is funny as long as it is happening to somebody else."

Been crazily bz by some issues of work and work that is being live... nuts when u have the prod database based and try to stimulate it in SIT environment. And when it comes to accounting entry, everything can blow up to many different lvls u cant imagine .. haizzz no choice being hunt dwn by yongmeng, but its an surprise that he has called during these 2 days [ i shall strike that out in case i jinx myself out ]

Anyway had a class gathering planned out juz on saturday itself before i head out to frenz place. It was intended to be bbq cum potluck event and I baked desserts [ blueberry cheesecake & a flourless dark chocolate cake ]. Turn out okay bah. but becoz its an flourless chocolate cake, it is very mushy if place in room temperature for too long, Hence keep in note to fridge it properly. Blueberry cheesecake has the digestive crackers crust which i adore and the choco cake has the oreo crust but a fabulous [ but mushy texture ] dark choco cacao hidden, that i mixed in 3 different chocos content from milk , 72% to 74% choco, using up the full bar and a almond butter frosting [ utterly rich for it is made from scratch from toasting , to blending ]
Oh ya, did see quite a number of ppl in the class gathering and even my ex. Dunnoe wht to say to him, but juz a formality on being accquintances i guess. No choice bah, nt that i still harbour any ill feelings to him but being as it is seems to be the best option. Worse thing was i cant act awkward to him infront of ms J, else once she knew abt mi n him, she will definately smirk on being head on of us together. Blah ..... she n her lovey dovey hubby [ which ling said was 小龙女and 杨郭] and of course nt to mention that she came before trying on her weddin gown ... Blah Blah Blah ... yes i am bitchy, utterly bitchy towards her ... ewww

Blog the whole thing later, lunch ~~~

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sans amour .. mir ist einsam.....

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