Monday, July 16, 2007
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This is to target a blog post which was posted by a fren of mine ... in his blog post, he wrote abt this on me

1 gal pal... or a comon term: fag-hag.. had been reading her blog recently.. den i realised how much.. from her text.. how much she had changed.. i'd say for the worse.. n not sure if my deduction is rite... i msged her abt my bday.. she din reply... usually ppl dun reply when they nt keen.. so 1 day, i msn her "so, i take it that u nt keen on the bday party?".. her reply "oh ya, i haven reply u yet"..

i knw she'd changed.. a lot.. within 1 yr.. i can oni deduce that.. she was surprised i invited her to my bday, cos we din tok for a yr.. n decided nt to reply... cos it'd b tat, it's a general msg tat's mass-sent to ppl.. she duno whether i really mean it anot.. having nto toked for so long, she dun wan to accept it, in case i really din mean the invi n she may feel awkward in coming.. but when i msn her, she knew i really meant it.. sincerely inviting her.. so she decided tat she shld go if she can (IT ppl usually scared of last min stuff popping up). wat's more, given her nature n sensitivity n treasuring of frnship, i knw tat she very likely will agree... why? cos, last yr, she was... if i rmb rite, the first 1 to msg mi at 12am on my bday.. around there.. wishing mi happy bday. tat was during our "no-tok" period. it showed how much she treasured frnship.. n the fate

umm, n i think she still read my blog from time to time.. think she'll see tis..

Let me reply this here ... you never knw me from the start, u dunoe who i am frm the start ... u were always the one who needs understanding and i was there conveniently to hlp but never since u actually put an effort on knwin who i am ... Wht are my exact thots ... Who I actually am ... Wht I actually believe ... only though things and actions den u realise what i can do for ppl and for you and aso conveniently like others let it settled ..

I changed becoz i hve to change, i had to go through a lot of things in the past 1 yr. Which since when did u EVER concerned abt or even informed abt ?? How dare u even judge abt my change when I needed frenz support or guidance the most, u were nowhere in SIGHT at all ????
Dun tell mi any bull-shit of you not knowin hence unable to do so, SINCE WHEN DID U EVEN CHECK counting from lets say the day i got back from auzzie ?? I can give u a count ... less than 5 phone calls. Thts it .. so come on, lets nt be so coy when things aint wht u tink it is ... for i might knw u, u knw nothing of me.

let me juz say something wht Scorpios are " 天蝎座的人,翻脸如翻书。"

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sans amour .. mir ist einsam.....

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