Friday, July 06, 2007
slurping up a bowl of Macau Fried Rice

And how FOUL IT TASTE !!!!!!!!!! Imagine Soggy Ketchup fried rice, which is basically a lump of rice mixed in with TOO MUCH KETCHUP. YIKESSSSSS KETCHUP OverDosed !!!! Gross to the max, NEVER will i ever go to that toopid HK cafe [located in Cineplex]

Anyway Ytd seems to be a bra day, y ? Coz i received all my bras that i have spree-ed ytd. Went to collect them at post in the morning and which another mail came in the noon. Heheh 3 new ones, sighzz i need more and must be b4 the mid-annual sales end at VS.

So in need for slp for i been gaming too much, yesh u heard me gaming and somemore ONLINE game le. hehehe well its GE [Granado Espada] and so far errr quite amusing la. Ppl who knw mi, i hve tis rule: No games in my pc nor will i install any games. Haizz actually is nt becoz i dun like to play them, BUT i have tis habit of being obsessive with things if i wan to. And knwin gaming requires a lot of attention, I will den tend to neglect a lot of things like RUNNING [shitty] and most probably be an addict.
E.g. ytd was back ard 11pm, den came hme watch a lil telly WHILST playin and clearin off my quest TILL 5.20am in the morning and not forgettin i hve to get up ard 7-8 to prepare for work ... golly i am so sick ....

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sans amour .. mir ist einsam.....

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