Monday, July 23, 2007
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1st my weekly updates den my blog on Ming Dao new drama [long awaited post still haben finished or should i say haben started :p]

Was off work early on Friday, went to meet an sinseh which i have yet seen for ages. She seems a lil 憔悴 den b4 since the last i seen her at beginning of the year. Wanted to get answers of something which i was in a frenzy of and made several appts on that with different ppl. Which in fact, i knw the answers of what they were goin to say but yet even with all these ppl, i guess their advice will juz go out from my other ear, if they are that good they would hve predict that bah ... i really dunnoe coz i really dun wish to give up on something i believed on. too complicating yet too exhausting to actually forgo. Anyway back to friday's event.
After goin through the session, I went ard walkin to Bugis, bought myself a g2000 shirt since it was GSS and it is ending the nxt day. I normally dun fancy G2000 apparels that much, for i tink they are relatively expensive[normal retailed price for a shirt is 59.90 and which i can use that amt of money to buy 2 shirts from veeko/wanko when they having sales and that happens really oftenly], nor have much attractive sales. And with stores distributed ard Singapore, a lot of ppl do purchase their office attires from them too. So becoz of those 3 main reasons, i usually dun shop at g2000 unless the discount is really attractive. [in fact i actually fancy wanko & veeko]. Den went dwn to ICON@bugis for they are closing dwn [pretty sad actually coz they were onli in business for like 1 yr]. Being a typical sgaporean, i went dwn to see is there any last min sales heheh and i did managed to buy a everlast barrel bag for $21 bucks hahahaha.

Sat - went dwn to see a gypsy which does reading, from her cards and her knowledge of astrology. Apparently i am too much of a freebie, i lurve too much of freedom and REALLY cant be restricted and at a moment she even asked do i go the other way instead of being straight. hmmz wonder how that come from. Well frm her reading, there bound to be travelling to be done. well I will juz summarize the readings i went to later for i wanna concentrate on the events on Sat. Surprise surprise Gobi desserts was aso in the same building and being a dessert glutton, i went in and bought the 2 sets of varieties. They are absolutely divine and too pretty to consume on their own. Aso bought another set of 6 for the sinseh becoz i was on my way back to bugis as well. As i was abt to leave the place, opps the building was Astons ....
And guess what, i orderred myself the celebrities meat aka a set of Wagyu grade 5/6. If you have NEVER experienced meat that is so juicy with its velvety fat melting in your mouth meat. I can only say you really missed out big time and being Astons it only cost 1 fifth of what you will pay in Morton. Sigh all the indulgences ...

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