Tuesday, June 05, 2007
reading : 死亡预告

Been reading this new comic, it is mainly based on a futuristic Japan. Which they have a set of law to promote the value of life. The theory works in a pretty twisted way though that is every kid at the age of 10 will receive an injection and that injection will determined their life and death. For 1 out of the 1000 injection given contains a nano pill. And that nano pill will explodes at a time interval of when the injected individuals comes to the age of 18 - 24. The individual who receive the nano injection is randomly chosen, hence any1 can be that potential deceased.
Until 24hrs left clicking b4 the nano pill explode, it is the job of the messenger to inform them of the notice of their death.
The reason of this action is to have every1 to value life and live their life to the max for life in their society is unpredictable and any1 might be dead within the nxt day.

Here's the introduction to the comic :

這個國家有一部名為國家繁榮維持法的法律。為了激勵廣大群眾、讓國家繁榮強大,被選中的年輕人將會收到預告死亡的通知? 『逝紙』── 配送到府的死亡預告證。生命只剩下最後1天的時間。『逝紙,依據本人最後一天怎麼活,可以是「逝」紙也可以是「生」紙──』就當自己還活著,好好死去吧? 『毫無建樹、沒有人記得…沒有留下任何東西就這麼消失── 對於這樣的我來說,今天就是被允許活在世上的最後1天。』倒數24小時…究竟該怎麼度過?驚心動魄終極極限劇,就此揭幕!

Thots on such a comic ? pretty sadz though for they are unable to control their own destiny .... hmmzzz shall not comment too much

Anyway read an horoscope article on sex ... find it amusing .. shall share the article later =)

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