Friday, June 29, 2007
Ramdom quote of the day :
"Your lawyer will get everything you own"

Was tokkin to Jo abt movies, on whether should i go catch Fantastic Four or nt. Coz if i were to watch, i would hve to watch it alone [for adam's wife is back on morning shift. So no more midnite movie outing for the nxt hlf yr, sighzzz ]. And in my pt of view, i dun really like watchin blockbusters alone. And one thing led to another, discussion of relationship came up, will post Chat Log as below.

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Hmzzz interesting izzit on his pt of view ? Or mayb he being an libra juz wan to be fair to the other side hence not willing to decide upon wht is right or wrong for relationship.
Actually in my pt of view, i really tink i can be a very simple person in terms of relationship. Would like to defend some of the pts here.

[16:23][ Jovy ] : sometimes love dont hav to be so clear abt everything

What i cant fathom is that if u r unclear on ur feelings to her, is tht even love ? And by being unclear, how would u be able to love her, protect her and be with her By doing so, is that a mere action of obligations or status quo ?

he aso mentioned abt
[16:36] [ Jovy ] : haha .... u dont try u dont knw ..

its nt abt nt tryin and not knowing, emotions are what makes ur human to able to feel , to compassion , to hate or even to dispute issues.
And with that, emotions are veri vulerable and powerful enuff to break or make different individuals. Based on trials and errors, nothing works out den wht will happen to the emotions involving within ?
If u r the "logical" one on knwing the failure and initate a breakup, yesh ur damage is minimal. But wht abt the other hlf ? Are you being fair to the other hlf ? How would the other individual deal with their emotions den ?

Haizz mayb i am too stern abt relationships bah, but becoz when i am in love i knw i am able to commit abt everything i can for it, hence i really couldnt justify relationships that are superficial. Nor would i wish to hurt any1 due to the relationship, or wish to be hurt out of it.
Everything works vice-versa for me, if i dun wish ppl to do such a thing to me, i wouldnt do the same to others.
Or mayb i am really too simple, just wantin to fall for who i wan to and devote everything i could to that particular individual.
Coz i knw when i fall, i really do fall till the extent of losing myself.

And becoz i knw myself too well, i dun wish to tink so much abt it nor wantin to actually inflict any possible conflicts.

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