Monday, June 04, 2007
Ramdom quote of the day :
"When women are depressed they either eat or go shopping. Men invade another country."

hmmmzzz been reading this article , which is abt the venus sign based on our birth dates ... Venus is the sign which decript one's attitude to love and views on relationship. And mine's venus is as stubborn as ever being the same sun sign as mine ( aka scorpio aka 金星天蝎)

so here is mine :
男 - 金星天蝎 »

女 - 金星天蝎 »

When i read the guy part on venus being in scorpio, i luffed out loud .. coz i knw of a living example on the exception case ( aka 男 - 金星天蝎 , 太阳星天秤 )

Anyway, pc show is finally over .. and thank god for that else i will be really really broke ..
Now lets calculate the damage :
For my side :
- Samsung 931 BW 19" LCD Monitor = $339
- 1 Kingston 1gb Ram = $53
- 1 Nokia Travel Charger = 27.90
- 1 Seagate 500gb HDD = $209
- 1 Linksys Wireless Router + 1 Usb Wireless Adapter = $115
Total = $743.90

well rememberin the dinner with Jo on Wed nite. I told him abt the PC Show and wondered does he want to tag along. But he declined. But still, he asked mi to look out for Ram prices, and also commented if there is a 19" lcd which is of sale price of $200++, he would deffo buy it.

And yesh, i helped him purchased the 2 items as well SINCE he not there to get them .. *@&^*(#&*#$
For his side :
- Samsung 920 NW 19" LCD Monitor = $279
- 1 Kingston 1gb Ram = $54
Total = $333
So in the pc show, i spent 1076.90 [ of course jo will pay mi back la but still !!!!! ) .. SO BROKE NOW !!!!!

Ytd was bzing doin my data migration, what a migraine it is.
1st, for i am too lazi to do a re-installation of progs [ in fear to lose my settings and tweaks of my files ], hence i hve to do a lot of cloning of my secondary hdd [ which host my prog ].
2nd, i have 4 hdd inclusive of the new hdd, so planning need to be done to all esp for partition and external links and stuff
3rd, I have too much data in all the 2 hdds [ esp large hdd, respectively of 80gb and 160gb ]

Well my situation is as follows :
- i have 1 10gb hdd which host my windows files [ solely windows ] aka primary
- i have 1 80gb hdd which host my programs files and downloads aka secondary
- i have 1 160gb hdd which is for all files that i wish to keep aka external

So my plan was to take my 160gb to be my primary and parition it for 40gb for windows[NC:], the remaining 120gb for prog files[ND:] in order to keep all setup files within the same system. As for the 500gb, i will use it for my secondary[NE:]. In that way, my 80gb[D:] can be used as secondary to my sister pc. Since i was too lazi to re-tweak my programs, cloning of my secondary[D:] has to be done. For that to take place, a new hdd will have to used that means I CANT do the cloning to my existing 160gb[NC: & ND:] for there is still data within. So i had to clone the current secondary to my new secondary [NE:] den do a backup of my new primary [NC: & ND:] in order to do the cloning of current secondary [D:] to my primary[ND:].
Initially everything went smoothly, cloning done to [NE:] and backup done from [NC: & ND:] to [NE:] and proceeding to clone [D:] to [ND:]. Upon cloning done, i was able to load [NC: & ND:] for trial, it crashed !!!!!! So whtever i had WAS DWN THE DRAIN !!!
Again re-scheduling has to be done for my data migration ... arghzzz i hate this !!!

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sans amour .. mir ist einsam.....

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