Friday, June 01, 2007
Ramdom quote of the day :
"Its ok to kiss a fool, its ok to let a fool kiss you, but never let a kiss fool you!"

Wah .. long time no updates ...
K k ... shall summarize ..
My AF cargo bums are here ... nt very nice but still can wear la ...

Even got my LG Prada, sleek & sophisticated as it is .. it doesnt suit mi well ... The GUI was Flash UI, interactive. But the functionality is onli for the fashionables , not for a geek like mi ... Sighzz the perfect phone, where art thou ... Within 2 days, i sold it out , yah i tink i get tht 7373 in black den ... Sighzzz

Well on the day i got my LG Prada, i aso splurge ... Behold .... my 1st Levi's ~~~~
- square cut , marissa , style 582
- lovesss the distressed and the wrinkles
- cost a bomb *sobzzz
- second to the right is the one ...
but still a levi's is a levi's ... the 1st time i wore it, i knew the cuttin suits mi well ... and i so wan to get it ... but it is 149 ...
so while waitin for my LG prada, i went to try and fit to it again ... *ashamed and weakened by its beauty .... dwn went the swipe of my card .... SIGHZZZZZZZ

On Wed, met up with Jo for dinner as he was kenna fly kite by some gal to watch "Pirates" so last min decision for dinner arrangement, so we went suki sushi while watchin tons of movie trailers ( yesh i am a sucker for trailers and movies yar ). There i list dwn wht i wan to watch heheh i cant believe tht we sat there for 2 hrs juz on a few plates of sushi and trailers ...

Anyway PC show tis weekend, at suntec .. but oni 1 floor ( fucking crowd ) ... really dun understand y ppl like to bring kids dwn though ... with them squeezin ard, nt scare they get hurt meh .... i mean 1 floor oni lor ... so many booths and ppl, it is bad enuff for adults, yet they bring prams & strollers in arghzzzz .... hot n humid like human sardines ....
anyway bought tons of stuff. Finally got my LCD, 19 of Samsung sweetness[ $339 ]
Actually was tinkin to get 22" Samsung 225BW[ $499 ] or 226BW [ $549 ], but on second thots i oni use them to view movies, the usual net surfing and aso music ... nt much of a gamer though ... so dun tink i need such a large LCD ( aso cheaper too )

SyncMaster 931 BW, widescreen .
Quite , efficient and pretty .. Super slick and compact ... installed it right after i got hme ... ahhhh the clarity of the movies n shows i hve ...
Now tht is pure bliss with the ample space i get on tis ... heck i can now hide my speakers behind tis and even hve space for books , mags and documents ... hehehe even got an extra kingston 1gb ram ( 54 bucks nia , FREAKIN CHEAP LOR ) .. so now my pc is 2gb ram ( darn fast n quiet too ) with the 19" widescreen sweetness ... Hmmmzz should i or nt get tht 320gb hdd ... sighzzzz

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sans amour .. mir ist einsam.....

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