Tuesday, June 26, 2007
Ramdom quote of the day :
"Accept that some days you're the pigeon and some days you're the statue"

Yawnzzz ... Was darn pissed off ytd for i was tinkin to change my hairstyle whilst lookin through hed kandi's illustration for the covers. [as shown below]

Asked one fren for an opinion of which is nicer, [most naturally whtever he chose, i will use the complete opposite of it]. Me being influenced by my current hairstyle, i liked the one with straight bangs for it has sharp symmetrical cuts, very chic and me. You knw wht tht idiot commented on the new style that i fancied ???

Chat Log
[18:28] [ Sonya ]: i wan sharp symmetrical cuts
[18:28] [ IDIOT ]: like a toilet lid?
[18:29] [ Sonya ]: .............
[18:29] [ IDIOT ]: it looked like...
End of Log

Arghzz!!! What a way to impress a gal ..........

Was out at timbre on friday again, with jo and Jelene. Had 2 pizzas [Triple Mushroom & Smoked Salamon & Dill], jo was being hyper as usual loving the thin crust pizza [i find them not woody enuff as in smokiness and OD on cheese but tht is wht every1 likes].
Funnie thing is i wanted Jelene to have some alone time with mr Wan, hence i delibrately delayed my appearance to timbre.[Thus the trip to Levis and the guilt trip i am hving now]. In the noon, tinkin that we be having pizza at Timbre [which is freaking late ], i reminded Jelene to have something light ard 6pm so she can tahan till den. So wht i planned was to shop for awhile, walk from somerset to clarke quay [YESH WALK , and its A LONG WALK. I do enjox it though] to have a drink at Forbidden City and den walked again to timbre. So by the time i reach there, i would hve a seat without queuing[hahahah].

Which basically ruined for the facts listed below :
1) They been callin me to go dwn since 10.20pm
2) They got hungry so i hve to taopao MacD for them
3) Timbre is packed to the brim so no seats yet !!!

Haizz dear jelene, i was creating an oppurnity for you and Jo to connect and have some alone time with him, y din u treasure it ?
Luckily when they called for tapao, I was alreadi dwn the road to clarke quay which i had to hurry dwn to get their fries n burger and ran all the way [hlf way la i was carry bag u knw] from McD to Timbre[with slippers somemore!!!].

Well by the time i reached there, still no seats. Luckily they left their names dwn so within like 10 - 15 mins of my arrival, yay WE ARE in.
[initially they put Jo name on the list for queuing, but him being him wanted ciggies so i was destignated to stay behind for the seats coz the door bitch knws who i am]

Back to Timbre, Timmy! was great. Finally rmb the bass-ist name[Clement], toopid wan calls him fatty now [yesh mr Wan flaunt ur skinny figure !!!!] coz of his beer belly [i dun actually mind though]
But i was too bz crooning over songs being sung by Ngak and Timmy! so Wan decided to tease me on the fact that how many names/song titles can we listed dwn on what being sung. Toopid wan, he knew i never remember song titles nor artists and him being juz as bad, he wanted to challegence mi since the last visit to Timbre[Tues], I so fought to disregard the bet for i din consent to anything.
Bleachzzz bully .....

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