Thursday, June 07, 2007
munching up Guava

Was reading a blog of a very very long ago acquaintances, in his blog he quoted this based on an article abt platonic frenz ..
"The hardest part in loving a person from a distance
is not being able to hold her hand
and embrace her tight
and tell her how much you love her
- because you are only a friend."

Well, i can only defend and argue on how one define the line a friend can be up to. Guyz Frenz ard me, i am relatively concern about every1 life. I show care for them when they are sick or injured, i worry for them when they are in trouble or in need. I do give them moral support when they are dwn via phone call away or coffee cafes to chill. Just as wht they do for mi, giving me lectures on the misdeeds i done, giving enuff sarcasm to warn me the dangers of everything, giving a helpin hand when i am dwn. And there is always a line within as we juz knw we aint for each other, and juz be whom we are.

A lot of cases, relationships always blooms within close frenz, it is not surprising though. For one is always comfortable within each other presences, and speak thots out loud not in fear of not being accepted or offending any1. One can aso act himself without any pretense as truthful as one can be and not being afraid of acceptance of another. Being comfortable is the true thing within ppl, for communication flows naturally, not forgetting friendship acts on to emotions.
All the factors contributing, the line gets blurred easily. Ppl do get attached easily on such concepts. With such, tht always leads to dilemma on decision of the nxt step or not. In turn, end up act awkwardly for the thot of involvement seems dangerous.

Well, i really dunoe abt how i am proving my pt, basically i am juz rambling on the thots i have in my mind. Nevertheless, moral of story : definition of line ... if you are clear of it, den everything will remains, else its ur decision to make :)

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