Wednesday, May 02, 2007
slurping up a set of digestive pills

Men are pigs ... glutton pigs i tell u
well i am aso a glutton pig as well for i was with them
met up with richie , de-ann , jo ytd .. coz richie was rantin abt gettin laksa previously and hence we decided to hve lunch on labour day which is our day off ...
so we did meet up for the famous soup laksa and a side order of popiah .. it was being juz nice for my stomach but our dear bois got greedy ...
hence off we went to menotti for some gd italian pastries and gorge ourselves with 4 dessert for 4 ...
errkkkzzz .. there goes my diet ...
being tht, we went to simlim for some electronics viewing and being nuts on wht to do nxt and knwin richie stomach, jo suggested satay for dinner
hehehe u should hve seen the eyes' of richie, whom show gleam of sparkles when tht magic word "satay" was being mentioned ..
he once said in au " wht is better than meat on a stick " heheheh
at newton, they juz went balistic ... hving 4 persons on the table, we had 7 dishes nt inclusive of drinks ........
1) kangkong
2) hokkien prawn noodles
3) stingray
4) butter prawns
5) satay ( 30 sticks )
6) chicken wings
7) oyster omelette

which we had beers , juices and some sweet drinks
omg .... luckily i chose to limit myself ... else i been dead by now ... so need to run again
oh ya, hve i mentioned men are pigs !!!

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sans amour .. mir ist einsam.....

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