Monday, April 30, 2007
slurping up a bowl of Mum's Chicken Rice

food fest is up ... bz weekends since thurs ..
met up with ling jie for our long delayed gossip session ..
hehehe tok a lot of crap, discussing abt work and den life ..
den rushed off to meet mr wan for his A & F clothes ( darn heavy lor esp his cargo shorts ... tht is twice as heavy and thick comparing his jeans and 2 tees aso from a & f )
Fri was set to meet lvin for his belated bday dinner .. a bbq dinner gatherin at the new newton circle
yumzz we had satay , stingray , la-la , char kway teow, hokkien prawn noodles , garlic stir-fried veggies
all finished by 3 persons .. ( technically 2 guys and 1 gal ... taken account 2 guys = 4 person portion )
gab wasnt able to make it though ...
knowin nuts on wht to do later, we decide to head off for movie "Shooter"
but being 3 a crowd, i got a tad moody and sort of pissed every1 off .. haizz nevertheless, i still managed to get them all sorted :D
Sat, richie is in town ~~~~
heheh met up with him,de-ann and the usual suspects for a saturday nite dinner at soup restaurant ..
nicezzz for the samsui chicken ginger sauce is soo gd tht makes the chicken extra succulent .. the ginger root soup for tht set was flavourful but alas i dun like herbals so tht doesnt suit well with mi.
love the veggies for it was blanched and den steamed fish yumzzzz ....
we den head off to timbre for some music and pizza ( i tell u these guys can really eat )
hahah after richie left for some rest, and hving "timmy" ( jo's fav band ) not finishing their set mi n jo stayed till 2am for more music ..

as for sun i had my long desired slp for the week ... was really exhausted by all .. yawnzz will blog for updates .. cya

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sans amour .. mir ist einsam.....

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