Monday, April 23, 2007
Ramdom quote of the day :
"If electricity comes from electrons, does morality come from morons?"

Dear Whom ever is up there,

Please hlp mi get rid of this weakness for bags and shoes. Just on friday, feelin bored b4 goin off for my drinks i went to taka.
Which happened to have a bag and shoes sales for the ladies at the b2 square. And without hesitation, i went off to take a look at the stuff available in the fair.
Initially not lookin for anything, i saw the Guess booth. And there are tons of stuffs ( off seasoned stuff ) but yet not much of a gem. But still, my motto is to find a gem out of the molehill, i patiently went through the stuffs there.
I found the wallet which my mum wanted and it is in gorgoes beige and the prints for the logo looks elegant enuff.
and i neber let it go since den for it might be gone within the nxt moment ....
Den i went off to the bags sections, blah all the common goods but guess wht, i found this ...
I hve a weakness for white recently, and it looked fabulous den.
BUT i placed it back where it was layin in the display for i wanted to further my consideration. So i went to the nxt aisle to check out more.
In the end, my mind was weak and went back to the same booth to get the white bag. But juz at tht moment, another young wide-eye girl took the white bag just as i was reaching for it.
She sensing my constant eye on it, she DECIDED not to let it go and went off strutin to her frenz on how nice it is.
Never mind i said to myself, if it is nt meant to be mine, den it is nt. But just to make sure, i den asked the sales person is stock on hand for tht.
But sadly, this was the last piece, tht young gal too heard it and added to her frenz on how lucky she brought her visa out and flaunting on what she got.
As i abt to leave dejectedly, the sales personnel said "there is a smaller version of tht" and wondered " am i interested in it"
I said fine since i like tht print and logo canvas for tht bag. It doesnt look as tarty as the other design of Guess nor it has tht slutty aftertaste.
and behold ....

Seeing it being more sensible looking than the 1st and look much better as a working bag, i den decide to go for tis.
While i was detailedly examined my new conquest, that young gal seein what I got decided tht the old she was holding on to was a lil dirty and den decided mine was better looking.
There she was askin for a new piece for mine, but unluckily for her that was the last piece as well.

Now let it be a lesson learnt lil girl. Never fight with mi during sale period, for i can be a tad lucky than any1 else.
Even though i might get wht i originally wanted at the 1st place, but still i did get the better goods out of u :p

Wait a min, i forgotten my motto again ... so please dear god, either let mi quit on my expensive habit on shopping or please doooo give mi more luck out of getting the better deal on shopping ... Pleaseee ...

Thanksie ~~

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