Saturday, April 14, 2007
listening to : justin timberlake - what comes ard goes ard ...

so many yrs liao, alamak chat is still as bad as it is ...
nt saying nt irc is better but still alamak still stays at a kid level ...
was there for like a min or so which tis guy msg mi. let mi do a summarize on wht he talked abt , so juz judge by urself den
his nick : gdguy ( what kind of idiot calls themselves gd guy ? and aso no gd guy will call themselves tht )
gd guy : how fat are you ?
gdguy : nowadays fat girls can aso be models
me : hi , i dun need ppl to judge me on wht i am .
gdguy : what is your weight ?
me : xx kg
gdguy : hai yo xx oni where got call heavy ?
gdguy : wan to chat on the phone ?
me : I am workin ...
gdguy : oh, so hardworking arh. you got msn den we can chat ?
gdguy : u have webcam for your msn ?
me : I am WORKING now
gdguy : den nvm , we tok on the phone la ? want ?
gdguy : what you working as ?
me : Analyst Programmer
gdguy : not bad what, pay should be quite high
me : normal lor
gdguy : you can work and use the phone mah
me : bye ....
gdguy : cant use the phone meh u ?
me : I am not workin as sales nor bz exec nor some administrative duties that requires mi to handle a phone
gdguy : wah so hot tempered one u. i dont disturb u . bye
me : normally i am very mild tempered. I juz cant stand idiots who repeatedly ask me to call him after i said i cant and no for an answer
gdguy : wah u so un-educated one, scold ppl somemore.
gdguy : go back and work la since u cant chat
gdguy : log off and go home
me : i din even state who is the idiot here and yet u are the one who acknowledge it.. see how intelligent u r
gdguy : fuck la u, go to hell la bitch
me : the words that i use is not even consider vulgarities and yet u r spurting how crude words ...
me : so how educated can u be ?
/ig gdguy

Conversation ended .... toopid guy ...
sighzzz i miss my irc prog now which at least i can eat a lil snake while workin on these toopid saturdays
anyway richie will be dwn for the end of april .. need to inform boss tht i cant make it on the 28th hehehe .... tinkin of different places which we can bring them ard to .. coz it aint a short trip it is abt a week long of constant reminder of the gd old lives of hot plate tofu
hhahaha i miss fortune now for tht and they gravies ... hot and sizzling .. yumzzzz
anyway bored ... freaking bored at work .. really hve no heart to continue .. y does 7 seems so far away ~~~~

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sans amour .. mir ist einsam.....

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