Thursday, April 19, 2007
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I soooo need to blog abt tis .................
This is a conversation with one of my frenz whom is a GUY ( G ). Just read on and u will get why am i pissed ...

[17:06] me : ask u, is tis bums nice ? http://i166.photobucket.com/albums/u96/soearlyslp/anf%20guys/14912_03_p.jpg
[17:07] G: this bum? for U?
[17:08] G: this bum is normal la
[17:08] me : yesh for mi
[17:08] me : i find it veri rugged
[17:09] G: U like rugged or dun like rugged?
[17:10] me : i like rugged
[17:10] G: this bum have a feeling like for tough work or outdoor
[17:10] me : yah
[17:10] me : i like
[17:10] me : k i buy tht
[17:11] G: ok...
[17:11] G: I never see U wearing bum....
[17:12] G: is this bum for any special occasion ?
[17:18] G: I have one more opinion, would U like to listen?
[17:20] G: not listen la, do U want me to express it?
[17:58] me : say la
[17:58] G: ?
[17:59] G: ok....in my opinion....wearing thong, t-back inside will be looked nice...
[17:59] me : i thot u wan to say BUMS
[18:00] G: yes la, wear those inside with bums la
[18:00] me : dun like
[18:02] G: U dun like this match or U dun like wear those undies?
[18:04] me : bums is casual wear , y the fuck should i even wear thongs inside makin myself uncomfortable
[18:05] G: ok....den U dun like this matching la....
[18:06] G: becoz in my opinion, it looked nice this kind of bum is a little losen and show the thong or whatever out...
[18:06] G: then ok....U got the point
[18:07] me : i get the pt but no thks .. given it is me ,i will wear boxer esp CK boxers
[18:07] G: boxer? I like boxer....
[18:08] G: gal also like boxer....? May U tell me what U wear that?
[18:09] me : juz for coolness
[18:10] G: isn't CK boxer are for guys?
[18:15] me : i like it arh
[18:16] G: u also like boxer...
[18:17] G: ic....
[18:19] G: ...then thong , or whatever something like that is for wearing some comforatble pants or dress , skirt la?
[18:22] G: well...I think that I should talk too much about undies la....I will stop here la
[18:22] G: *I think that I should not talk too much about undies la.. I stop here la
[18:25] me : too late
[18:25] G: huh?
[18:26] me : wht wrong with u
[18:26] me : i am tokkin abt bums and u r tinkin of undies .. wht type of idiot are u
[18:28] G: i am thinking about the whole matching la...
[18:30] G: then ..I just focus the one U asked la
[18:33] me : i DIN ASK U ABT UNDIES
[18:34] G: I mean I focus the one U asked me next time...no more or less
[18:35] G: http://www.istyles.com/ipod-nano-ipod-nano-skins-c-27_267_268.html?page=0&sort=2a
[18:35] G: are these nice?
[18:36] G: http://www.istyles.com/amoebic-ipod-nano-skin-p-2438.html
[18:36] G: this one?
[18:37] G: http://www.istyles.com/balue-ipod-nano-skin-with-bonus-skins-p-2602.html
this one with the shuffle skin also
[18:38] me : there is a prob with u , do u knw tht G ?
y nt u go ask a guy on wht u juz did ... den mayb they can give u an idea y u r pissing me off
[18:39] G: ok...
[18:39] G: http://www.istyles.com/blivy-ipod-nano-skin-with-bonus-skins-p-2598.html
[18:40] Meebo Message: xxx@gmail.com is offline

Now tell mi, y ...
i juz dun understand ... out of sudden G tok abt undies WHEN MY concern is abt BUMS !!!!
Wht does BUMS and UNDIES hve to do with each other AT ALL ?
u cant blame me on my rant, coz it is darn offensive coz undies is gals' intimate details. And secondly, wht is he trying to do ?
expressing his opinion on such to a girl , is he in the right mind or am i too conversative ??

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