Wednesday, April 25, 2007
Ramdom quote of the day :
"Remember, today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday."

Listening to Angela Zhang new album esp Bu Tong
esp the lyrics on
怕不知不觉无法忍住眼泪不留 oh~
只剩下沉默" -- excerpt of "张韶涵 - 不痛

Haizzz 爱伤害了彼此的自由 , and tht is wht i detest the most on relationships ...
Perphas i knw too much of tis, freedom is what makes us who we are and how we develop our own characteristics and personality.
Given a relationship is abt give and take, but there is a limit on where and what u can take...
and for a lot of cases, giving up traits of ur own is giving up a lot of freedom to be urself.
Tht i detest.

Relationships :
human are selfish and love will oni make them even more selfish and possessive ...
most ppl due of their desire for the person they love, they can do anything they can just to hve that person that they loved ..
and a lot of times, causing a lot of unneccessary inconvience to one another ...
but they are merely acting on the behaviour on loving themselves more than the other, for they choose to act on their own will to be happy and not the other party.
*shrugs ... who am i to say all these .. i might just be one of them ...

-- excerpt of "曹格 - 背叛

But given if i am not clouded by such, i believe i would choose to be let it be, for as long as the person that i love is happy, i should be.
and not be unhappy due to not having tht person by my side.
yes ... i shall try my very best convince myself on nt being selfish ... and again ...
-- excerpt of "曹格 - 背叛"

yesh i am in a melancholy mood today ...

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sans amour .. mir ist einsam.....

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