Monday, March 12, 2007
watching : 300 the movie

It was indeed a great weekend ...
Let mi explain from the start, since from Tues when Apple started leakin news on their upcoming promotion on their products in the IT fair. I was like blown over by the freebies(a fm transmitter for the nano, 4 piece accessories pack , 1 usb adapter) that were to be given for each purchases for nanos (4gb and above).
And since its an offer that I cant resist and with that i decided to buy 1 nano for jo .... Yes yes yes for jo, now dun tink so much, tht nano was meant to be a farewell gift for him as he is leavin sg for a proj which might be a 6-mth stint and with that, he will need to bring his company laptop to the place .. And with his mp3 player faulty, its been ages since he has portable music ..
Him being him, loves his music and headphones .. and since it was a great offer, i decided to buy him tht so he can bring his music collection to overseas and not be bored ( well dun tink he would, but it will be nice to hve something comforting ). Now, u might tink hey issit he the guy who offer to buy u a nano the last time u went simlim with him .. yesh tht is the guy. He too wanted a nano but so unwilling to splurge tht amt for himself and yet he is generous enuff to give it to his friends .. silly rite ( blah who am i to tok, i too am the same type of person )

Which i den head down to the IT fair at Suntec ...
Meanting it to be a surprise, i lied on wht color of nano should i get for myself, him in my pt of view suggested pink ... which is fuschia pink ( ewww cue now ), den i rejected tht suggestion and ask for another .. i have choosen either silver or black and with his understanding of mi, he knew i will not get silver coz it is too much of a common color for nano ( i dun like hving things which is too much commercialized popularized ), so he asked to get black instead. But den he said, r u sure to get the black ( since it is 8gb oni and unavailable to other storage ) coz u might not use such a big storage space in the long run. Den i asked, given it was him wht color he would choose. He said white ( white is not an option for there is no such color for the nano range ). And with my understanding of him and reminders from ben, i got to rmb that he doesnt really like dark colors, in fact most of the Shirt he has are of light color ranges ..

With tht information, i decided to get the nano in silver which is 4gb ( in order,to take advantage of the freebies ) and off i went to the IT fair on Friday evening which i met rudy to check out the deals. Being delayed from office, i was a lil late and since he is walkin ard den, I decided to head off buyin the nano 1st. And boy, i am glad that i did. Anyway, knowing what i wan and what i gonna get, i asked the sales personnal to re-assure my decision. And with that within 1 min, i was queuing to pay for the nano. The fm transmitter which was thrown in was available in either white or black ... with the nano being silver, the best bet was to get the white one ..

Before payin for the stuff, i did stated i wanted to the white fm transmitter and which the cashier and stock personnal obliged since it is not a unreasonable option. So while i pay the purchases by NETS, the stock personnel began to prepare my goodies bag. i waited patiently for my purchases to be done, i was sadly inform that the white fm transmitter was unavailable and is out of stock.
Now tht i cant accept .. for silver with black is entirely off, so i actually questioned upon when will the white fm transmitter to be in, for i dun wan a gift to be flawed in color difference.
With them knowing nuts, i decided to consider black ( with the 90 difference of price ) to match the black fm transmitter .. I did asked the stock personnel to show mi the black nano in order to re-confirm my decision and also the silver nano again to do the appearance test. It must look good in my pt of view at least i tink. Super unwilling to get the black nano, but i dun wan my gift to be flawed. Hence I was at a pt of gettin the black nano and was able to top up for the addition price.

Den rudy called, with him rushing mi with the "u r late tone", i rushed off without gettin the black for i dun wan to waste time on such. I walked off and was greeted by the sales personnel and being polite i responded a bye to her and den abt to walk off.. Next to her, was a small table displayin the promo stuff that they hve And with the products, lies a WHITE fm transmitter...

I did what i did best, gettin wht i want. I asked to exchange my black fm transmitter to the white one on the table. She agreed since "Customer is always right" motto ... And eventually i did get the white fm transmitter as intended to match my silver nano. Hehe And with everything done, i rushed off to meet rudy to the lvl 6 of the IT fair. Prices are relatively expensive i tink comparing to the past. Only deals of lcd monitors, printers and speakers sound attractive. Being turned off by the prices, we head off for dinner.

Now the best part is : Being a clumsy careless queen, i oni check my purchases while waitin for rudy to be back with his food. Surprise Surprise, 2 nanos was found in my bag !!!!!!! Yesh an addition nano .. ( aso 4 gb silver ). I Was stunned by the addition nano, which i did not pay a single cent on ... hahah i din not splurge on myself yet i got what i desired .. now issit a great deal ..

which btw i hve in deed watched '300' ... absolute divine eyesight for where can u see so many men topless and get this FIRM 6 or 8 pack abs for display. And bulging biceps and triceps to display how a body be so delicious and nice .. Basically, it is a female version of playboy with so many to choose from .. Once i was introduced to the scene with 300 hundred men with 6 pack abs and above, i totally shut dwn my conscious and droolin onwards ... :p
hahah okie okie .. bye peeps

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