Saturday, March 03, 2007
to be found at : Timbre

And luckily i went... A Restaurant cum pub outdoor enjoxing live band .. now tht is life .. Was out with cin for dinner, which she had her dump on how suxxy her work is. Den met anne n jo at Timbre enjoxing the music .. and their pizza ( nt tht i had any ). And no, we din go to new asia bar to enjox the 71st floor view of Singapore. Timbre is really great and every1 who knws mi i enjox bands .. alternative rock and much more slow rock .. And live is the best to go .. And timbre really provided mi that, ya i tink i be there sooner than any1 say flash ~~

Which den we head off to Loof, super outer pub ( which i din go b4 though i head b4 ). Nice outdoor area which also have chic rooms with mattress to enjox ur drinks. Which we all head off to a room to enjox sleeping in the brit pop music scene..
yah i like it , and i be there soon too heheheh ...

Anne commented that mi n jo will bicker and argue for some details within us, and it irks us off very badly. for both of us are super stubborn and him always throwing his tantrums ( which he will walk away for awhile ) and i within seconds will go look for him and tok to him to calm him off.
And sad to say, i am always the one who will notice his small tantrums and attitude .. blah tht is not in any way couple-y at any way .. so i am denying it !!!

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sans amour .. mir ist einsam.....

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