Monday, March 05, 2007
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Have i mentioned abt timbre ? Guess i did, well when to work on my sat again for Data migration. Kinda of tired but still went to hve dinner with cin on the nite itself .. which den i head off alone to indochine for drinks ... yes alone ..
dun feel like any much company nor wan to be with any one .. juz alone to tink or to reflect or to self-deceive .. Want to be alone within the crowd, with the music blasting all over, drinkin my soul away ..But unfortunately juz had a couple of drinks den i head off.

Sun was a hectic one though, met up with Rui.. heheh kiddo kiddo kiddo. But finally met him up, for i promised him and denied too much of it .. nt bad la had quite a gd time with him, chattin and shoppin and of course suanin each other while he says my soul is burning for wht i done b4 hehehe .. Again with adam we watched hannibal rising ... slow and tragic i tink ... blah nothing to keep note though ..

k den summarize liao .. bye

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sans amour .. mir ist einsam.....

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