Thursday, March 29, 2007
slurping up a slice of Papaya

an apology received ...
do somebody really tink that it is enuff to let things be ... nt tht i expected anything to be done frankly speakin or is there anything somebody can do to actually change or hlp to heal ( in a way ) betrayal or action or tht scar ...
within the msg, somebody said about reflecting on her actions and wht she has done ..
but frankly speakin, lets do some maths ..
from the past till now, tis is wht upteenth times tht somebody juz took it as it is for granted ..

and frm den, we still managed to struggle through for they are juz minor stuffs .. no pt harpin on things tht is irrelevant ..
but to tink of it, how is the issue i encountered recently not major enuff to consider my feelings ?
is it oni death tht will make somebody see hey she is gone .. "oh no .. i should hve consider abt her feelings more .... "
i dun like being taken for granted and i do try my very best not to esp to ppl who are close ...
it is nt juz the 1st time, and frm then nothing much seems to change ... so tell mi how in any way is tis apology sincere or in any way i should accept it ?
u may call mi petty, but i am juz stating wht is logical

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sans amour .. mir ist einsam.....

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