Tuesday, February 27, 2007
Ramdom quote of the day :
"Never argue with idiots. The just drag you down to their level and then beat you with their experience."

Finally, watched the Protege on Sat and Letters from Iwo Jima on Sunday. So except for The Matrimony my movie list for the month is being completed. Was on MC ytd, and managed to catch a lot of winks juz on ytd morning .. wah shiok sia ..

Din do much actually but was out all three days. Had anne over after some drinkin on fri nite, which she den proceed to her studyin. Oh we also managed to get a treat from mr Jo for our nxt fri outing at new asia bar... heheh
And den a luncheon at sakae sushi till i went off to work. Aso organized Protege movie outing with cin since she is at work as well. Den managed to oogle at Daniel Wu's hard bod and oh-so-sexy Andy Lau sense of charisma.
The movie kinda of stuck a chord in me on how drugs affect how the normal day to day life on the family members ard the drug addict. How it malfunction the basic routines and morals on humans, and how desperate humans can be.
The lil gal was really cutesy in a way, but it saddens mi on the thot of how she has intuned to hlp her mum dispose the stringe used for her addiction and how she saw her mum being died on the couch with rats feasting on her mum's body.
I really wonder at tht moment wht went through her mind. Did she recognize the fact tht her mum is high enuff to not be touched or has she attempted to shoo the rats away.
But humans being humans, survival is juz as impt for she still knw the fact that she can ask for help from daniel wu. Hmm i like her koala bear hug on daniel wu, which she cling on to him while he attempted to let her rest on the couch. Which he din succeeded and how much i wish i can be that lil girl at that moment at tht time. heheh

K la .. updates done for the week. Ja

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