Monday, February 12, 2007
Ramdom quote of the day :
"It is only those who never do anything who never make mistakes."

watching : It Started with a Kiss

Been ages since i blog .. gonna be worse than cin whom did bothered to blog at least once a week .. me i am juz plain lazi
Finally got my RL black Gold Pony which i purchased last mth .. Also finally got my Taiwan A3 Clothing spree since decemeber ...
Now no more spree pending till end of feb ... coz no more money sobzzzz
CNY soon but yet dun feel the spirit .. well tis yr is another lonely V Day .. but nevertheless it is friendship day.
BUT no friends to celebrate with hahaha ...
Anyway, Cant wait for nxt weekend coz no1 will be home and which i can sleep like a hog and den exercise as and when i like esp when every1 else is out for visitation.
gonna be a Hermit and shall keep by tht ..
Anyway was out with anne for Elle Mag Girlie Party on thurs, which the highlight was the Lingerie party by Blush, which we got to attend a lingerie fashion show... Absolutely divine i say, which the gals bods.
The function was held at 27th storey of Shaw House, which has an fabulous view of Orchard. We were there gushin how pretty everything is.
now how is a girlie party without any spa treats ? We had free shoulder massages , and hand waxing compliments of elle. Of course with some refreshments and drinks.
Too bad we din stayed for the lucky draw, but we did get some goodie bags at the reception after we left.
Den went to the Ship to hve some old school Hainanese Western Food, having updates on each others life.
We den walked it off to New Asia Bar ( from orchard to city hall lor with HEELS goodness wht was i tinkin ~~~ )
Which us girls danced the nite away with the retro with hip songs playin by the DJs...
Fri Cin was out for a mission to shop for her ny top and we ended up at TCC ( finally got my card )
Sat was spent with mr lvin for he was bored and hence we had dinner and some drinks at dxo ...
Basically it has no one ard, But a great place to chill as it has outdoor balcony which i tink cin will enjox .. Deffo will ask cin along soon.

Tink tht abt it la ... Ja ppl

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sans amour .. mir ist einsam.....

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