Monday, January 29, 2007
Ramdom quote of the day :
"If you take the easy road, your considered lazy, if you take the hard road, your considered crazy, which one do you pick?"

I pick crazy anyday anytime ... Been workin in the company durin the weekends .. Hve to rush back for my deadline ... Though i hve to work extra for my work to reach deadline, i realise i am much happier than before than my previous company. Kinda of remind mi of my last semester which i will go head dwn to sch as and when i free like regardless of time .. but the onli drag comin back is of the long long journey ... I hve to take a bus from my place, the MRT dwn and den walk for a gd 10mins (considering my walkin spd) den i reach my company ...

K k i should hve consider this when i apply for this job, but still i dun mind .. i get to stroll and enjox my day so nt tht bad ... Anyway back to my weekend, time flies really fast when u r bz huh ... tht is wht happens to me when i was doin my codin ... from 3++ to 10++, everything seems to be a breeze ... nt tht i mind which i hve my trust mp3 in my workstation in office ( heheeh ), but kinda of remind mi the times tht i was still up and awake in the comp sci labs ard 3-4am in the morning .. which i would call the security to give mi a ride to erica ( of course i would fake tht i am a erica hostel student ) and den secretly strot my way back from erica to my rental. But the company is different which most of my colleagues aint all fun-loving than my dearie uni friends .. Oh well .. yesh i am tinkin back of my past again .. tsk tsk

Well hve to say, it is time liao .. finally A got over me .. see i hve tis tracker in my blog, which actually managed to track visitors ip addr and system statistics .. and from my logs, A's visits has lessen dramatically. When the relationship was over den, he broke my heart and soul really tht bad tht i thot i couldnt forgive him in some way. Times just flies, and the hurt lessen and also the ties were gone .. When i last saw him in the weddin, my head is full of other stuffs. It was den i knew everything is over and everything is to come to the end. Though we hve crossed paths in many ways we cant imagine, but it was finally time for both of us to go on separate ways. Well I knw i hve all along, alone but stronger. I knw i can survive, i knw i can be happier, i knw i am better .. Hehehe what am i ramblin abt ... Back to work now =)

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sans amour .. mir ist einsam.....

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