Thursday, January 12, 2006
to be found at : kev's place using wireless

Been wanting to blog since yesterday nite .. have ANY1 seen the i-gallop by Osim .. the idea out of the whole commerical is way way interpeted in the worst way .. even when i have yet start to tok to cin abt it and was luffin on the mere glance of it, she has alreadi got wht i was eyein on .. i mean how on EARTH is tht even an exercise machine .. the freaking chair can even move itself, tink it suit to be a sex chair more than it being an exercise toy .. imagine it reducing the activeness of the girl ...

Now let's imagine a new commercial of it where the girl sittin on the guy laps while using i-gallp .. it will den be renamed i-ride .. where riding is the new innovative way to hve sex.

hahahahah k k .. tab tv is aso no better .. abt tht ppl who into S&M it seems tht it has been playin to wht audience have imagined and sterotyped its activities .. all with whips, leather and chains .. hahaha toopid ...

Anyway Kevin is drivin mi out liao .. cya tml

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sans amour .. mir ist einsam.....

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