Sunday, October 30, 2005
slurping up a plate of Freshly Plucked Strawberries

Received an Email a few days back, its frm Mr J ( not my classmate but the one regarding the beginning of the yr ) wishing me happie bday. And I am thankful for his email. Though we no longer keep in contact nor tok to each other but still grateful that he remembered. I guess its fate bah, it is fate that we could only be friendz for a short while and that all it is meant to be. Fate is one of the most ironic thing that i knw, but two person of different personality can be together regardless of anything and yet two very similiar individuals can onli be frenz for a while.

For example, mi n cin. At the pt of me changing school, when i was in st. nick to xinmin for my secondary education, I lost a lot of frenz from there. And yet when i changed my secondary school frm xinmin to kranji, my friendship with cin survived that test and even till now lasted to a decade. That is how powerful fate is. Becoz me and cin, we are fated to be close frenz, and therefore we are.
ANother example is my encounter with a tarot card reader, which since few weeks back i wanted a reading done to find out about the direction of life as a bday gift for myself as an indulgence. But yet out of many, i juz cant managed to trust their stalls nor am i able to book a time slot. And which i left, but juz tis saturday while i was doin my groceries at subiaco, I juz somehow got attracted to this reader which miraclously, had a last time slot free. After waiting a 5 minutes for being unsure of to go ahead or nt, i finally wrote my name down on the board. And within the nxt 10 minutes, there were 1 male and 1 female came to attempt to book that last slot of the day, but yet din get it. SO it is fate that i met this tarot card reader. As for how the reading goes, thats a secret for now.

And some more pics of loot i got. he he


As for the mp3 player, i actually found it on the bus ... wht luck man juz on the day of my bday .. wahahahaha =p

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sans amour .. mir ist einsam.....

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