Wednesday, September 07, 2005
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Seriously Am i very picky ? I realise other than setting up standards for ppl of my friends .. i do my limits to many things as well .. Is tht picky ?

U knw my childhood dream till now is to open a restaurant ... to be able to cook and hve ppl eatin wht i cook and hve them enjoyin it .. But with me being very picky abt the food I eat, i realise sometimes the flavours of the food gets very generic and very routine ..
Time for a breakthrough i guess ..

Plus when i cook, i like to hve inspirations , not really a measurement person ( except during baking, but still even when comes to baking, i like add new stuff to it and spur out something different . For example my chocolate cake .. the recipe did not ask for additional integrediets like oatmeal and nuts or even cinnanon .. i juz add it to the mixture .. luckily it turned out fine ... Or even b4 serving at the bottom of the plate, addin a lil butterscotch snapps to make it more rich and dense in the sweet side .. Haizzz i dun tink i might cut to be a standard chef ). All comes in feelings, seein wht is available .. and den combine to see which suits which ...

Was reading a blog juz now on how she got a internship with the French Kitchen ( SG ), i really admire tht .. To be able to get involved in such .. But alas, dreams are still dreams ..
Juz hope one day, i fulfill them ..
For tht I must believe ....

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sans amour .. mir ist einsam.....

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