Monday, September 12, 2005
enjoying a cuppa of Squeeze - Orange and Mango Fruit Drink 500 ml

Well well ... juz ended an 5 hour prac with tutor .. Best ... the question i ask he need time to refresh to answer coz he took the unit like 2 yrs ago . Hence need to call hlp from lecturer who aso a bit blurz ...

Skipped my DB Lecture today coz of wang zi .. Finally Jun Hao realised he love Tian Yu, but Tian Yu for many reasons of protecting and fulfillin promises to others, rejected him. When it comes to this pt, I knw i wan a perfect ending with Tian Yu and Jun Hao. But as much as it is a taiwanese romantic drama, it has be to realistic .. And the unchanged fact is that Jun Hao when he has anmesia(Tang Oh) hve no responsiblities to take care of. But Jun Hao is different, he has his own family, his own obligations, his promises that is yet to be fulfilled, his family, his responsibilities to his work, and finally like what Tian Yu said b4 "You are Shan Jun Hao.And becoz of that every step u make, is crucial becoz a lot of ppl are depending on you and will follow u no matter what".
That is the difference btw Jun Hao and Tang Oh and tht the reason y Tian Yu and Jun Hao can never b together.

The drama serial is comin to the end, and Zi Qian is comin close to the truth about his family. A lot of emotions is gonna run amok nxt week , tears shed for love, heart break due to vengence, reputation gain through power struggle. It gonna be a hell of a ending ..

Anyway this show is comin to the end , 5 more episodes aka 1 mth to finish the story .. Till den, i hve a nice show in hdd. Kinda of spooky but still in my genre ... Cant wait for Sept 13th though coz ....

Mi go do assignment liao .. hahahah =p

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sans amour .. mir ist einsam.....

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