Wednesday, February 16, 2005
yesterday was tkkin to some1
guess who ? mr J la ...
he was complainin abt how i put his pic without his permission ..
awww dearie .. my life can be a open book if i wan to .. thus dun blame moi pls ... pretty plss ... * blinks blinks *
yes tht is a cheap shot .. still ... better than none ...

well 2 more days left ... to my end of my internship
and i will be bored for 3 days b4 gettin bz with my sch work ..
and I HABEN GET WHT I WAN ... yes .. it is a secret

anyway been using the iriver that i bought from mr ted ( if u recalled, i hcve mentioned b4 .. and hey it rhythm .. if u dun n is curious .. ask mi for it den )
not bad la .. though it is second hand .. and thought the clip for the remote spoilt liao .. but still it contains 160 songs ... more than enuff ...
but alas .. my 4 gb of songs are gone ( my hdd crashed last june ... so A LOT OF SONGS GONE ~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

otherwise i hve like 3 cds full of songs .. and i will be bouncing up n down for them ... i lurve my music .... esp stanley ..

my md le ... now kept in my luggage liao .. using it there .. and yes i will be bringin the iriver as well .. in any case , mr ted .. please contact mi soon to get ur money ... otherwise u hve to wait till i get back to sg or when u come over den i pay u le .. and tht is WAY WAY long lor okie ?

Mr J, just to let u knw .. my blog is a place where i vent all my feelings .. yes u tried explainin yesterday .. but pls .. i really dun need those .. coz this place is the oni place where i feel comfortable at ... and where i am at ease at .. i say things tht i said to no one . i comment about things tht is irrevalent and unknown .. so yah ...
i hope u are not angry at me by writin tis on the blog .. but yah i share my life ... i might nt be as famous as our xiaxue .. hell i am NOT even famous .. but i still blog ... it's an irony when cin started .. i was a bit repulsive of the idea on the online diary thingie .. but yet now it comes as a flow .. so tht changes ... just like i did to my life frm last june to now ...

well another pic of me ... zara if i am not wrong .. with cinnie .. will come back later if i am free ...

[ - 雯'§ - ] penning down @ 2/16/2005 09:44:00 AM


sans amour .. mir ist einsam.....

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