Sunday, February 13, 2005
throughout these yrs .. with my blog and with conversations with frenz ..
realise one main factor of me .. as i grew up ... i dun believe in love anymore ...
day by day ... hr by hr ..
maybe beocz of me being single .. i get to tink abt such and figure out my own philosophy abt it ..
true i do craved for companianship .. i craved for being touched ..
but my emotional attachment to others will nt be able to bring myself to love some1 ... only to up to the extent of likin some1 ..
though i ask ppl whom hve been together for like quite some time to get married and stuff ..
but for mi .. i prefer nt to tink abt tht as in .. for mi being in a bgr .. i would like it to be long term .. but i dun pen much hope on it( coz it is tiring to start again n again .. to knw some1 .. and etc ) .. nor i would hope to make it to finalize as marriage .. or really to build up a future
cin told mi .. it is like no pressure to the guy so can be a gd thing .. but juz to elaborate more on my thots ..
i tink marriage for me is only to be thot unless when i am in a situation which i hve the luxery to tink abt all these .. in the long run .. actually this tinkin will harm me more than any1 .. coz women aged .. ( yes by now u will be tinkin tht i am contradictin myself .. but this is how i blog .. i write abt my views on both sides ) and when they dun get married at every1 pre-defined age , they are considered as spinster and vicious old maid .. blah .. so by the time i get into the situation i tink is most appropiciate.. i will be considered as an old main .. ( sobz )

My main view on love in tis society now.. i tend to tink tht couples now being together is more of companianship .. nt really for love .. mayb seen too much .. experienced some to hve such conclusion .. haizzz .. mayb juz play ard will do .. till den .. finish off my degree bah .. money is moe impt ... blah .. and yes .. i crave for closeness too .. coz i am lonely for companianship .. but mayb the touchness as well . lol .. nvm

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sans amour .. mir ist einsam.....

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