Wednesday, February 16, 2005
hmmzzz .................................
after studyin .. wht should i do ?
the job market nowadays in sg is darn small isnt ?
i hve frenz who hve no specific degree unable to find a job
i hve frenz who has a specific degree unable to find a job as well

so is the area of wht i am studyin a correct choice ?
i knw i hve said things b4 my frenz and others on i do not regret on the path tht i took b4 .. becoz if it wasnt i wouldnt hve known them or it will not develop the person who i am now .. but sometimes i do hve my loss moment .. i am too a leecher ... still at the control of my parents .. i dun wish of tht .. more of i am a inidividual myself .. true no man is an island of it own .. but when i was young .. i really thot i can .. i can live alone .. be alone and tink alone ... is tht healthy ... or mayb becoz i am alone thus i thot of those ..

anyway .. back to career choice .. here i am at a co. able to accept my querkiness, but about another yr later, will i be able ? frm wht colleagues had said, it is hard esp for our job scope .. every single bangala and china ppl .. will be grabbin the chance tht is offered at a lower price .. at a lower cost ..
makin us so inadequate and makin it difficult for us to continue .. to strive .
or is it juz us being choosy about jobs .. the higher our education level, the harder it is for us to do jobs .. as we are constant critical about wht is to be done .. or imagine we can be better .... thus we are choosy .. is tht wht our mentallity is .. i remember mr J looks when he was describing his loss on nt able to find a job and was bz doin errands on decoratin his home ..
ya ya .. so wht ... i still like him but yet i dun wan anything frm him ..
y do i EMPHANSIZE tht AGAIN .. COZ I REALLY DUN EXPECT ANYTHING ... So please dun tink so much okie dear FRENZZZZZZ~!!!

anyway was reading this blog *cough* orangeous *coughs* .. abt the part which they were racing .. tot of the part which a gang of 4 were on the highway goin to sandboarding .. our speed limit .. 150km /hr ... wahaha tht was so fun .. and u can practivally feelin the wind incurred by the speed ... tht was way fun .. and way kewl .. need to save up liao .. y ? FOR MY DRVING ... gosh .. been so out of touch .. need money .. any contributors plsssssss ~!!!! ... blah

realise something .. recently i got a lot of things to blog .. wonder y .. or becoz i am happy ... or becoz i hve too much things to rant .. or to gossip abt .. blah ...

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sans amour .. mir ist einsam.....

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