Monday, February 14, 2005
feb 14th .. happy valentine day to all .. those who hve no valentine ... well enjox it with friends ...
coz it is friendship day as well ..

anyway wht hve u all given out le ? mi tis yr gave out the following
1) snowie beanie (bday gift )
2) a big snowie beanie toy ( bday gift )
3) a rushed double sided cross stitched bookmark .. which took mi a lot of time and efforts... hopefully he will like it ( tis supposed to be a bday gift .. but i was intending it to be my vday gift for him
4) sins chocoies for cin .. lolzzz i like the rhythem
5) a t-shirt ( for myself .... )

see how cin is .. gleeful abt the sins .. lolzz and how happie i am

today is his bday .. i knw he will be celebrating it with his bday ... hopefully it is a gd one .. i knw he love his gf a lot .. though i like him .. but still nt expecting anything in return .. silly .. yes ..

anyway upcoming pics of my co.
Office space
Company entrance
Co. logo

Come to tink of it .. my internship comin to a end ... been doin tis programmin work like for 2 mths .. kinda got the jism of it liao .. i remembered once i asked how come my ex was able to carry on workin after our arguements and so .. and he replied .. just as per usual .. now i got wht he meant .. after my arguement withmy parents .. i went to my fren house to stay .. after went to work .. juz as tht .. carry on workin .. i guess it is way much different if u knw tis is wht u are suppoesed to do and is easier to carry on ... i remember when i was in singtel .. i dread my work so much tht i want to escape frm it everyday .. but yet in here .. i am able to anticipate goin to work .. stayin when needed .. and etc .. how come .. i mean the stress level here comparing to singtel is so much higher ... but yet i yearned for it ... haizzzzzzzz .. time to go back liao ... sianzzz ... alone again .. i guess tht is part of routine .. flyin off here n there ...

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sans amour .. mir ist einsam.....

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