Tuesday, January 11, 2005
went to watch kongfu "Hustle " on sunday noon ..

throughout stephen chow movies' , one can really know wht is his thots are about ...
on how one's struggle of life ... one might be misled ... one might be stabbed by the back doing the right thing .. but yet tht stab in the end might be the one which is aidin u in the future ..
one must also go through downs .. to learn to appreciate the nature of life ... one has to believe tht good will always triumph evil ... as long as you believe .. as long u make an effort .. it will be worthwhile ... these are the messages tht he has been tryin to convert through the numerous movies he had produced and directed ...

the love tht he believed is also similiar ... the girl who he loves , would always be the girl who has been patiently and willing to love him unconditionally throughout all times ... the strong will and determination within the fragile soft heart ... maybe he does crave for such ... a love which one is to give his/her heart 100% and willingly ... without of any doubt ...

kungfu ... actually it is quite a gd show .. but a lot of hidden meanings tht has to be reflected and pondered upon oneself ... but alas .. the movie length is not really very long ... thus the story plot is a bit weak ... given a bit more time, it will blow all away ...

end of story .... awaitin to wait avaitor .. and also my long awaited .. charlic and the chocolate factory .. yes u neber see wrongly ... CHARLIC and the CHOCOLATE FACTORY ...


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sans amour .. mir ist einsam.....

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