Saturday, January 22, 2005
today went to watch "finding neverland"

it has been a long time tht i hve been waitin to see this show ..
no nt becoz it has johnny depps .. no it is nt abt kate winslet as well
but it is moreof the story on how the man who wrote peter pan got his inspiration ..

the mvie is abt believe ... do u believe ? if u believe and with it has no doubt in wht u r doin, u will deffo succeed ... tht is a thing tht every1 knws .. but yet we cant commit ourselves to do .. tht show is all abt it .. if u willing n darin enuff to believe .. anything can happen

u knw .. it makes to thot of cin ..coz 1 day , as we were goin to amk ntuc to buy banana leaf .. we were there tokkin abt her "cockiness" .. actually, wht i thot of it is .. it is her ... it is her believin herself tht she can do this thing .. and with tht she has no doubt, she does it .. tht is the spirit tht she has .. and with tht i respect her ... it is abt her being cocky or over confident .. so yah .. mayb tht y i dun associate her to cockiness .. but i do find her down to earth and very friendly ..

n i hve a confession to make .. i like some1 .. some1 who i shouldnt like ... but when i tink of it ... i will smile lor ... haizzz ... no need to guess .. i wouldnt tell who .. so dun tink so much .. =p bye

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sans amour .. mir ist einsam.....

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