Friday, December 17, 2004
okie ... back again ..

finally internship will start like on monday ... a bit scary .. coz like sch like tht using the same linux environment ... hmmzzz

it is like a gd and bad thing ... gd as in i can get better with it .. bad is .. mi freakingly lazy ... but still for the experience .. everything is worth it ...

anyway mi confirm liao .. mods i am takin for the 1st sem will be
1) Foundation of Comp Sci - shitty HARD CORE SHARED MEMORY PROGRAMMIN IN C ~!!!!
* can die liao lor .. chiam ar ... mi scared *
2) Programming Language developement concept or known as PLDC .
* okie fine .... i anyhow translate one .. but still it is PLDC
3) Software Security SS
* till now i hve nothin on it .. coz the unit pages ( 2 weeks ago is NOT READY YET )

hmmzz dunnoe xiong or nt .. but need to work hard lor
but wht i knw is whtever i hve done to sacrificie .. it is all worthwhile .. true i lost my ex for this studies ( yes i knw it is my temper .. but stress is wht caused my temper to flare .. so YES IT IS FUCKING STRESSED ) but i get my degree ... i need a degree =p

i need to double strike this para coz i scared later he read ... =p
anyway hmmzz seems like ted keep emailing me for such info .. wonder out of the sudden so HAO XIN (* kiddinz *) no la .. coz he dun tok much one mah ... so when these days he emails mi quite a number of timess .. was shocked .. hahaha no choice ... cant blame mi ...

( let mi refer to 1 incident that was encountered by mr jovy wan
coz during the jan to june sem .. mr jovy wan and mr ted are in the same course ..
but formally mr ted oni seen mr jovy wan b4 and vice versa .. but not formally intro ..
but jovy wan being a friendly person , so once he seen u once or twice .. he would smile to like semi-greet u
anyway back to story , one day after lecture mr jovy saw mr ted goin back to lab ..
so out of courtesy, jovy wan say hi and waved his hand toward mr ted direction ..
at tht moment .... mr ted dunnoe y din bother to see him and even turn away to another direction ... so we were wondering did he see the hi or nt , if he did , did he tink tht jovy wan was sayin hi to another person .. thus he turn away .. or he juz dun wan to bother ..
and if he din .. den jovy wan suay lor ...
so mr jovy wan say mr ted is a very cool person ... whereas he hve to act cool .. hhahaha)

well today be goin to cin's place to FINISH UP MY DATE WITH VAMPIRE 3 LAST 10 EPI ~!!!

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sans amour .. mir ist einsam.....

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