Monday, December 20, 2004
guess who i went out with today ...
mr ted ....

surprise surprise rite ...
remember the last few blogs i said abt him emailing me ...
anyway in his email , he was sayin to either call him or he will call me ..
so he din call mi .. so i called him coz say alreadi mah .. so i do lor ..

anyway let mi juz say my inital plan for today was to go out with my mum to ask her go jalan .. coz long time neber go jalan with her liao .. at least to let her knw my thots and feelings la .. so tht was my plan to go out with mum to far east ..

okie back to topic .. so when i call him, i was plannin to juz say hi and etc .. how is he and blah la ..
but when i called him, he said he was abt to go out .. den he said .. nvm . i am juz abt to go out to pass my fren something .. den goin simlim ..
so i said ohh .. okie .. den i call nxt time lor .
tinkin ... okie at least i done my part liao .. so can go out with mummy liao ....
but den he continued , so wht abt u ? den i replied .. i be goin to far east .
and he asked : shopping ? and i answered yes , coz one of my fren bday .. so might be goin to get her some gifts there .. den he replied . oh ok, den i meet u there lor ..
i was there .. dohzzz .. i neber asked u to join me le ... haizz anyway den i say okie lor, nvm la .. auzzie fren mah .. juz came back should like gather or something lor ..
so i met him at orchard 2.30

both of us due to some things was late .. so we ended up meetin ard 3 ..
after meetin, we headed to far east to get my gift ..
wht i can say he and i dun hve common topic to tok to lor ..
as in, there are a lot of silence moments during the meetin ..
but i can say is tht he is a logical and a person who warms up to others slowly ..
thus frenz ard him tend to need more time to knw him bah ..
well at least today i got to analyze him more bah ..

but one thing la, i was worried sick today .. coz he hve no hp yet .. thus findin him is a DIFFICULT TASK .. Y AM I WORRIED ?? coz i left my voucher with him .. so when i couldnt find him anywhere, i panicked ... arghzzz =p

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sans amour .. mir ist einsam.....

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