Sunday, November 28, 2004
YES ~!!! I AM finally Back ~!!!!!

so tiring today ..

was on a midnite flight and as usual, i dun slp in the plane .. thus for the entire trip i was a freaking panda .... anyway, y am i on the flight .. coz i was rushin back for my god's concert ..

anyway the main theme for my post is .... * drum rolls * JAY CONCERT !!@@

okie here a short description of the whole show :

Jay concert this time is aso held in indoor stadium but with a difference frm last yr is that tis time, the stage was designed to be a 4 way stage .. so fans will be surrounding the whole show.
But based on that, the hk concert reported that Jay was only concentrating on 1 side out of the four .. that made mi worried .. coz i dun wish to hve spent 150 bucks to see his buttocks .. but luckily .. =P
Anyway the tix that i had was enable to be like within a 2 -2.52 m away frm the stage . Thus yes it is freaking near .. which basically jay can peered to us on stage if he wants to .
So as the show close to the destinated timing, stars were spotted , eg. Lim Jun jie .. which everyone was makin a big whoha abt ... which i was there .. erm ohh okie lor .. hahahah i dunnoe him mah .. and i am nt familiar with his songs wor ...

As the lights started to dim, u can see truckloads of fans using their neon luminous lightsticks to show their support and screaming jay out ... As predicted, the show started with him bestowing us with him on a cross ( ceiling near ) and sang Yi Fu Zhi Ming.. as he was singing, there were mini fireworks tht exploded based on the tune .. and the animations for the whole show , is most pov-ray ( coz i done b4 thus i knw .. i should hve voluteer to do the pov ray for them .. absolutely free if they wan to lol ). In this song, he did a couple of dance moves with the dancers but still he aint tht fluent with his body language .. but at least he tried .. so lets' juz let it tht way. So the nxt song comin up was Zhi zhan zhi sang. In this song, his vocal were very loud and clear .. but still his rap a tad gibberish ( his style ) but i suspect it had to do with him forgetting his lyrics again hhahaha .. he did really well on the ballads during the chorus .. which prove tht his voice is solid .. so paparazzi PLS STOP SAYIN JAY LIP-SYCH .. HE DUN NEED TO ~!!!

so .. the third song was Ta de jie mao ... classic slow love song .. which practically brought all fans to a higher level .. and with him walkin around the stage doing his rounds .. at tht pt, all fans who were equipped with camera were in bliss for it was till their heart content session .. u should hve seen the number of flashes at tht point ... it could blind u instantly .. wahahah

and frm tht pt .. i lost count .. sorry, coz tis time round .. it aint abt gadgets and display of clothes n accessories .. but more of concentrating on wht his music is and wht is it abt ... But here a few memorables ones .. he included a chain of songs that has been incorporated with scratching ( dj scratching ) and tones .. so u can hear like wu nuo ( surprise surprise makin us all reminimise his soft side ) , and yet in another beat of chorus he is there rapping ti tian/dun hit my mum , twining two pieces together ( make him utterly brilliant and admirably ). To end the 3 pieces off, he played a flute to sooth the fans mood. Y ? so tht he can sing to us his Yuen Yu Hui .. bringing me to the moment of loving him ...

After a chain of love songs, a climax was brought to us by his two disciples by playing a display of drums and dj scratching .. quite high .. coz i like rhythms a lot .. thus it suit mi entirely .. making mi so high .. and frm there, jay brought his two new songs ( jiang jun and kou shou zhi ke ) to live by his rapping ( tis time was clearer ) and every1 was there rappin with him ... so it was pretty noisy at tht time, but enjoyin every moment of it ..

After all those excitement, it was time to slow down a little which he sat down with two other guitarists to sing Long Quan Feng , Kui Ji and Ge Qian .. those songs melted almost every1 hearts , soothing us with his gentleness ... awwww .. it makes mi so sappy .. he aso did sing zuo hou de zhan yi in ballad style .. which makes the song more romantically associated ( initally was abt losing his buddy during the war )
He also invited another of his disciples to play the piano with him , challegencing each other in a chopin classic pieces .. with the spd enhanced to x25 times .. gosh .. u cant even catch up with the fingers ... An Jing was den being sang out at tht pt ... out of a sudden i had this feeling , Yu kou wu lei ....

After the whole display of songs, shuang dao was being performed by his dancers and him doing a short sword dance .. he also mixed in shuang jie kun to the rapping part .. i was there totally grooving to the music .. totally oblivious to others .. but saddly after the song , he sang out hei sei you mo ( tht song had mi to hve tears gathered up and flow down .. nt tht i wan to but .. ) he aso sang out hui dao guo qu and Jie kou ... tht had mi remembering something .. coz at the earlier yr in his second concert in sg .. some1 was nxt to me ... but yet this time ... everything has changed drastically ... okie fine .. i stopped ) ..

back to topic .. anyway jay rounded off the concert with a couple of song with wen lan and his disciples ( nam quan ma ma ) .. quite hip hop and he even played the drums ( impressive ) ...

the whole show was a great steal ... really for ppl for are on to his music and his style ... ( which points to myself *proudly * ) thks cinnie for the concert ... enjoz ur nuts =p

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sans amour .. mir ist einsam.....

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