Wednesday, November 24, 2004
Super exciting sia ~!!!

the start of my summer holiday was commemorated by joining my friends to a trip tht is super shag yet memorable

We started the day by making our 1st trip : Strawberries field .

Where we are able to pluck our choice of ripe strawberries on the field ..
And they are freakingly cheap yet so succulent and sweet ....
Gosh the sweet subtle scent of strawberries are really luring ...
And there so many of them .. making it so hard to resist by plucking them and popping them into my mouth ...
And the fragance ... makes mi mouth watery juz by the thought of them ..

Nxt we den endure a hr ride to our nxt activity : SANDBOARDING ..
gosh it is freakingly fun yet so tiring le ..
coz we chose a steep sand slope .. which do note .. climbin up a hill is not easy ...
imagine a hill of sand .. which u hve to push ur body up fully to climb ... and we hve to do it back and fro to juz do the sandboarding ... though yesh by now u tink, it might nt be worth it .
But pls do note .. when u r at the slope .. sitting or standing on the board ... push ur body down ..
frm there the board will slide down with tremendous speed ... it is super exciting .....
tht few seconds .. makes up the whole climbing up issue ..
we are also given wax candles to wax the bottom of the board to make it smooth ..
the most memorable moments that i had was when i chose the bigger board which is much smoother .. and wax it evenly ...
the slope we chose was abt 3 - 4 storeys high .. and with the board on the tip . i sat on it . and juz gently push my body weight down the slope .. the speed was freaking fast lor .. and since it was quite steep .. it is juz like sitting on a rollar coaster without any constraint ... juz based on tht, i did like more than 4 times of climbin up the sand slope
I also did a couple ride .. which two of us share 1 board ... hahahah tht was way cool .. but less scary ... coz at least there is someone behind u to stabilize the board .. so no flippin will occur ..
If you ask mi to do it again .. i deffo say Yes ~!!!!

So any1 interested ? * grins *

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sans amour .. mir ist einsam.....

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