Thursday, October 28, 2004

After watchin super size me
make mi wonder .. are most of the corporate companies non - ethic to human values ?
Do they consider about ethic issues based on human lifes and diet ?
Watchin super size me, within 5 mins ..
u get to see a whole bunch of kids .. about 75 % of them are overweight ..
and they are humming scratch tht, they are singing to a song which is full of all the fast food names
So in a way, their lifes has already revolve ard the fast food chains .
one of the researchers in tht show said, the reason y most of the adults/teenagers still go to mac's
is just based on their childhood memoriess ...
y ? reason is when they were young, and being brought to mac's .. in the cheery and happy environment,
with the playground there, it left them a impact on them with the feeling of warmth.
And tht warmth was not just as it seems ...
they are actually just corporate decisions ..
to me, it is really non-ethic to target kids for their ignorance ... One of the paintings really haunts me, a painting of a scary clown eerily staring at you and yet is so childish like ..
just like chucky ... tht is how it is scary it is . how it is gonna affect our younger generation
do u tink how scary it is tht all the kids in tht show (pre-schoolers) actually recogonize Ronald Mac instead of a pic of Jesus !!!
tht is how the corporate executives infinetrate our lifes and our kids ...
Do you guys realise nowadays the mac jiggles are by kids .. y ?
To attract other kids to it ... how fair it tht ?
this shows how they care about the customers' lifes ...
true, u may say it is up to one's individuals to buy their food or not ... but without sales, there will be no demands ..
and with no demands, it will have no sales
One of the owner of basket robbins's ice cream was in the show, saying it is just another vicious cycles ..
when he was young he ate tons of ice cream .. till he was sick ..
And becoz he was sick, he wants more ice cream .. tht sums up the cycle .. again n again
Tink about it ..

We are lucky in singapore to still have canteen cooked food as our diet ..
but one day, who knws we just be like the americans .. haveing max's , processed food as our staple ..

i will definately shuddered in fear for tht life

[ - 雯'§ - ] penning down @ 10/28/2004 05:10:00 AM


sans amour .. mir ist einsam.....

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