Thursday, September 02, 2004
yesterday was 1st September ....

i remembered his shy eyes and expression when he told me he liked me. I was partically drunk den and was resting. It was a sat day and we were drinkin in esplanande ...

in fact tht nite, i was workin for womad and after work, we agreed to meet at marina square for a drink and chat. so we went to the basement 7elven and basically bought a couple of drinks and a pack of cards .. i remember i had a habit den .. whoever i call or tok to, i will call them uncle or auntie ... and when we walked to esplanande to drink we were unable to open the bottles thus i went off to ask some passby to open the bottle ..

tht couple was nice, but accidentally in the end, i called the guy uncle .. and he was like huh . out of the sudden .. but it was funnie ... and while playin cards at the bridge, we thot of it being too windy and thus we decided to change location thus we went to the 1 fullerton to continue drinking and playing cards ..

at tht time, both of us are gd frenz and it has been quite a long while i hve nt seen him .. thus while we play cards, we played truth or dare .. and at tht time, i remembered him beig single and keep teasing him to ask him whom he liked b4 and anyone now .. and in the end wormed out tht he liked mi ..but i was partically drunk den ( as i said b4 )

till now i still remembered his expression, his shy and averting eyes, wearin his cap to avoid me askin more questions ... and aso his gentle care from him ... him takin care of me when i was drunk .... he keep sayin "hai yo, u walk properly la ..." , " be careful ar " while guilding me to walk back to the bus stop to take bus home ...

i miss him by my side ... i miss his gentle touch ... he would always be the one who i can rely on. he would always be the one waiting patiently at chinatown to hve breakfast with me ..y do human always cherish things tht they lose dearly only after tht moment .... i too committed tht error ... i really wish tht both of us can be together again ..

Last year, i was in perth, i remembered him sending me 2 items. 1 card which was hand stitched by him, and 1 cross-stitched keychain by him ..the card said tht he missed me dearly and will definately give mi his support whenever i am here or down .. and he too will loved me ..and on the keychain it wrote " i love sonya " and aso a message frm him on the other side ... i treasure them a lot and kept them in my heart and in my soul .... i miss him ...

sleepin juz now or should i say lyin down on the bed, tears juz keep trickle down.the memories of him being my side is so close and near ... basically breaks mi into 2 on the thot of him not by my side ...
i knw i am stronger than i am now ... and i could get over him if i wan to ...

But i dun wan to .. i dun wan to get over him .... coz i love him and he is still living in my heart

[ - 雯'§ - ] penning down @ 9/02/2004 10:25:00 AM


sans amour .. mir ist einsam.....

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