Sunday, September 05, 2004
now it is 8.00++am
how i wish i can travel back in time ..
to change everything ...

how i wish i can hve a chance like jenna had in the show " 13 going 30 "to be able to travel back in time to change ... to change her thots and destiny ..

juz like how i wish i could now ...at least, i wouldnt still be up at tis hour tinkin of him ... yesterday i tok to cin online ..days juz gone by one by one, here i would do my best nt to acknowledge tht i still love him
i refuse to let the fact tht my emotions for him are still there juz in order nt to be teary.
cin said tht "i know girl.. you're still in love with him... and i don't find that you being silly..."
and when i read tht sentence .. my tears juz flow out ..
y ? coz he no longer does , and no longer by my side .he is no longer my support ...

he might have moved on , feel better or even longer hve feelings for mi
he might have already liked some1 else, or even disliked mi , or even have another galfriend by his side now or even wooing another gal, and might even have forgotten abt mi ...

but i couldnt ... i couldnt do the same ... nor i wan to ...
i dun wan to leave the guy tht i loved .. i dun wan to nt love him
i dun wan us nt being together ... i dun wan him to be unhappy ...
thus i stopped ... i never try to pursue ever since den ...

i miss his support for mi , i miss his hands , his face his everything .. and he is gone
but i really couldnt stop loving him, stopped thinkin abt him , or even missin him by my side .
i couldnt stop ...

where has sonya gone to ? where has the gal who can afford to play emotions games hide ?where has the strong front tht i used to hve now ? where is the gal who had the strength to go on and on ?where has the gal who used to tink relationships are dime of a dozen gone to ? where is the gal who doesnt believe in love ?

all these questions , i hve no answers of ...
but oni 1 questions tht i really wan to knw the answer ...

Where the guy tht i loved ?

[ - 雯'§ - ] penning down @ 9/05/2004 05:07:00 AM


sans amour .. mir ist einsam.....

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