Thursday, August 05, 2004
Inspired by Xia Xue's post and aso comments by others.
I wrote the below comments

Wht can i say ?

Background abt mi : grew up in Singapore , frenz are all in Singapore , speak chinese as my main language , been in a convent where there are a lot of kantang kias as my class mates , studied in poly where mixture of ppl exists where there a lot of chee bongs and goody-two shoes. I have performed in the National Parade before when i was in preschool in Yamaha and then it was celebrated at the Padang open field. I been to at least 7 National Parades Celebrations courtesy of my aunt and aso my ex ex bf. And have tons of goodie bags and experience during the celebration itself. And Now i am studyin at overseas .

Why am i studyin overseas ? Not becoz i dun wan MOE to earn my money for my studies , but i juz plainly refusin on drag more time to finish my education ..

I love singapore, nt becoz of our government . but becoz i grew up in there, i hve frenz there , my family worked hard for the society and the society did hlped my family and i grew up. Thus i am thankful to the society. I am familiar with everything in Singapore and definately will not give up my citizenship. True there might be better oppurtunities overseas, but still Singapore is my home and i wan to be where i belong.

Our Singapore government did imposed a lot of laws on us citizens... but their objective of these laws are actually for the good. Like wht some previous posts( in Xiaxue blog) had mentioned, taxes and gst are juz for our economic trends in the international market. And for laws to ban bubble gums and etc is to help Singapore to be a clean country.
Let's take a comparsion with where i am now and in Singapore. it was abt 7pm in the evenin and i need some groceries for my dinner. And thus i went to the nearest supermarket to get them. While i am crusing the aisle, i stepped on two gums stuck on the floor within the same aisle. And when i turned to the next, i kenna another gum on the floor. Wow such luck. ( stop laughin at tis moment )

Tht is y Sg government are bannin the use of gums. for ppl can be tht inconsiderate. And with tht, the government hve to spend extra money and effort juz to clean and scrapped it out. So as much as tht, the government came out of an idea on bannin gum to save tht resources used to pay for removing the gum. And it is effective ..

So it isnt tht silly to actually ban it frm sg. This is only one example on y SG government have so much laws within the book ..So as much as others are complaining, y nt stop and think more before yaddering off .

your sincerely,

Which by the way, Happy Birthday Singapore and aso happy bday, Eggie.

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sans amour .. mir ist einsam.....

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