Monday, July 26, 2004

now i am reading a book call the Da vinci code
Summary of book will be given later ... but wht makes mi pondering about is the similarities of within catholic and buddhism In both cases, women tht is us female are all sinned ... In the book, it pointed out that female numerarirs were forced to clean the men(monk/priests)'s residence hall for no pay while men are at mass. Women slept on hardwood floors while men had straw mats; and women were forced to endure additional requirements of corporeal mortification. all as added penance for the orginal sin, which seemed from Eve's bite from the apple of knowledge was a debt women were doomed to pay for eternity.Just the same as buddhism ( in karma ) , women are aso considered the sinned one .. those who are to suffered condemnments are to be recarnated to be female. Even now in thailand ( which i vaguely remembered reading an article b4) tht nuns are not to be allowed to enter a temple at all even after yrs of chastity.nuns has to clean up and woke up earlier than the monks in the morning to beg for food from the villagers nearby. But they are only allowed to do it after the monks. And they could only collect raw rice and intredigiets, which the monks are to be given cooked rice.nuns had to cook for the monks daily meals, cleaning up for them but yet deprived from being able to enter the monstary for prayers and could only pray in their shabby huts.
I knw here is a bit weird for mi to tink about, coz i am a follower of the buddhism. But yet, us females are given the ability to give life.To be able to feel more compassion than the males on earth, to produce life within us. To carry the life and give them hope , nutrients and aso closeness with us.We have higher tolerance towards signals than males, we are able to tear and express ourselves more easily than males.
If so, why are we the sinned ones ? If we are so sinned, why give us the ability to give life ?To create life within us ? Pregnancy is not a pain nor a chore but a way to give an addition life to the world we live in now.such gift should be given to the men, if they are as much as superior than us women. Such jobs shouldnt be entrusted to us.so why still we have tht ability and not men ? So why are we still the weaker sex ?
And since we are the sinned ones, why is nature call mother nature ? Why are schools or even institutes called her ? Are the present religions being twisted by lies of man who tries to conquer the women by making them superior ?By having the better benefits for all ? OUt of the sudden, by reading this book, i gained more knowledge of pagan ..they believe in the balance between men and women .. they believe in how man and woman should connects and thus with male gods, female goddess exists.but yet in different religions, male domients us ... and some even condemn sex and label sex as a temptation by the devil .but if sex is tht sinfull, y is it even enjoyable ? to tempt us ? but yet with tht, lives are created and hope and good are produced to the world we live in and hence the human existence.So with tht, is sex a sin or a must ? it is so confusing in my brain now ... are the religion we believe in right or they are twisted at some pt of the history ?
taoism aso hve female goddess... even at 1 pt, the prince of india even castrastated himself to be a female and became a goddess and now named as the goddess of mercy.They even have fairies on being kind n generous ... for they aso do believe in the balance of yin and yang ... are they the chinese version of pagan ? at this pt of my life, i so want to learn more ... so wan to ask ... so wan to defend and so wan to argue ...but i before tht, i want to really do into it ... but sad to say, i can only learn it as a leisure not a profession ..it would be so intriguing and so me .. i always are interested in tarots card, wiccan ever since i was like young ..i always fantasize on how it feels to tink like the devil ... so wan to learn why he choose to be the way he is .." The Fallen Angel " the name is always so enchanting .. strange huh ... but still, i am root to my values by my family ... anyway my thoughts are very confused now .. need time to sort them more out .. and definately want to knw more n learn more ..

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sans amour .. mir ist einsam.....

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