Saturday, July 24, 2004
juz had my dinner .. mac n cheese ... with tuna ..

it juz reminded mi the time tht mi n him had tuna for dinner ..

it was during the period tht i was still working in singtel .. he either was on leave or he juz finish his training and was on break after his PoP .. he came over to fetch me home and we were quite clueless on where to hve dinner at .. so we walked to the nearest gas station and got ourselves 2 cans of tuna and 1 loaf of bread .. and travelled all the way to marina ... sitting down near the park at the bay , sitting there and had our dinner ... tht was one of the sweet moments we had ..
with the sea breeze .. and aso hving fun with someone that u love ... i remember him eatin so much of the chilli tuna and i was always scolding him for eatin so much chilli .. bad for his gastric

tht breakup call tht we had, he said that he doesnt wish to tink of our past ... nor the memories we had ... actually i dunnoe why ? isnt a relationship all based on the memories we had ... true we had our ups and downs ... but isnt all relationships the same ... i knw he said on hm being abused by the constant bully he suffered ... but as much as tht, it doesnt mean i dun love him as much as he did ... i juz chose a different way to love him ... is tht wrong ? i do understand i was in the wrong as well .. but ............... it doesnt matter i guess ... its over  ... but i still love him till my heart aches ... i couldnt accept any1 .. nor even able to like any ... ironically, when i dun wish to be involved with some1, some will come .. BLAH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Y no zheng yuan chang among them ???? * lol ( side joke ) * or y not the guy that i had in my heart among them ?

anyway, on my way home ... saw some flowers among the weeds .. sort of gave mi some inspiration on how the tougher it is, the harder one must bloom ...

aint they sweet ?? i must learn frm them ....

anyway went to shoppin with some new frenz ...
among them they had MAC's .... haven they watch "SUPER SIZE ME" YET ???

i always have a fetish on t-shirt .. thus during the shopping trip, mi discovered and bought this ..

aint this CUTE !!! so pun intended

i aso made a new dessert today ... Dui Dan .. a cantonese steamed egg dessert ..
so soft and tufu like .. but me need to put more sugar in it ... to make it sweeter .

* mouthful of goodness .... *

Anyway been sitting this bike for the following week .. hate my new part-time ... but still sittin on this bike RULESZZZZ .. but DARN CHILLY man !!!

thats all folks for today ~~!

[ - 雯'§ - ] penning down @ 7/24/2004 07:57:00 PM


sans amour .. mir ist einsam.....

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