Sunday, July 18, 2004
i went to watch "Troy" today .. 
the show was memorizing .. as in throughout the whole 2hr 45 mins ..  my attention wasnt diverted by anything else
it was gd ... orlando bloom though he was cowardly , but yet it was so not in the shadow of the previous role of legolas .. but yet in the end, when he realise his mistake .. he took upon the skill of LEGOLAS .. by being a gd archer ..

archillies .. a great man .. never foolish .. always sharp and seeing the truth ..
he hates Greek ruler .. thus he chose not to fight for him unless neccessary
he fights for wht is important to him ...  he acknowledges tht the ruler is merely greedy , he acknowledge that hector is a wise men ... he knw what has to be done .. and wht is impt ..
His love was true as well .. though he is a womanizer .. but still he know the basics of respect.
I still remember his words " If i hurt you, it is not what I wanted " i find tht so romantic yet so true

Hector ... a man of his honour and words .. he is one of the guys that it no-nonsense type ..
he knw how war functions .. thus he is against it .. trying to make peace and nt provoking wht is unneccessary .. thus the attempt to nt ask ppl to go to war with greece when troy won the 1st battle .. at the moment which he kill archillies' cousin(patricus) .. at that pt of his last blow, i felt that it was a nt of a blow to end his life .. but a blow to end patricus's pain for slitting his throat
And he was brought up well . he knw wht is loyalty , to his family , his family and friends . And he loves his wife too .

Troy .. a wonderful place ..  i really wonder , do such place really exist ? as in all men do pledge to their wife , without an ounce of betrayal ? Men being loyal to their families , knowin wht to do .. behaving properly  .. y cant our society behaves or even function like tht .. i like their motto .. love ur country, wifes and family ...

Doom of troy

after the show, i went shopping .. AGAIN .. and i bought THESE .. pretty pretty SHOESS ~!!!
aint they pretty and nice .. and so COMFY ...

and i went for a finally awaited TAROT CARDS SESSSIOn .. tht is SOOOO KEWL ~~!
hmmzz .. nxt time wanna try freemantle one .. hahahaha
enjoz the pics .. cya
and yes i knw .. i am a pirated person .. who takes pics in the cinema

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sans amour .. mir ist einsam.....

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