Sunday, July 11, 2004
Gals, you wanna knw what is the most effective diet plan in the world ?
Either choose to fall out of love or end an important relationship .

I for one can prove it works ..
I lost 4 kgs within 2 weeks .. without any real exercises ..

The trick (for mi) is to eat oni 1 meal 1 day .. and within tha meal, i dun eat much as well .. and i drink lots of water or at most 1 green apple if i am VERY hunry
i used tht method for the past 2 weeks and i lost 4 kgs .. how miraclous .. yayness ...

which u can see my pics as attached above .. my face look smaller ( i tink )
okie okie .. i admit .. i did some adjustments to my skin tones ... and aso smudge a little of my chin with the hair to make soften the image .. tht all i did ~! ( i tink )
i wonder if i continue ... will i look like :

Anyway, a few of my frenz knws tht i recently did my second piercing .. due to my suxxy webcam , my ear cant be taken properly ( in digital image ) .. so i re-enhance the pics .. with addition color .. the second piercing can see been within the red circle ...

Anyway it hurts like hell .. coz the piercing here is like no standard lor.
In Sg, everything is done within the shop itself as in the sterlised earrings are there, machine aligned properly , even give u alcohol solution to clean/disinfect your new earholes ..
BUT HERE !!! NO !!! Everything is money money money ~!!!!
u hve to buy ur own sterlised earrings , antiseptic solutions , and the gun is not aligned properly as in when tht Italian Tattoo artist hit the gun pistol to my ear .. the gun freakingly jammed itself onto my ear lobes ... till now it is still in pain.
Anyway somemore, my ears hve allergices .. as in i could only wear jewellery tht is pure metals ( is tht the way to put it ) ... like gold , platitinum ( not sure ) , white gold ( not sure ) .. so best bet : GOLD !

Anyway i remembered posting some chinese words/phrase in my blogger .. but it seems tht it doesnt look like chinese characters at ALL .. ( i see ??? all over the place ) .. thus here is the beautify version ..

Which btw leads to 1 pt : PHOTOSHOP RULES ~~~~~~~!!!!!!
becoz i can do so SO so much in it ..
i can edit pics .. i can even apply makeup on my frenz's pics
i can design backgrounds using different brushes ( dwlable frm internet )
and tons tons MORE ... example see the poem pic above .. mi love the flower background and even below for the thunderous storm effect that i imprinted into the pic .. i can even resize ppl face to make it look slimmer ( though nt beri professional ) but still mi lurvessssss PHOTOSHOP ~!!
Please be reminded that i have at least 3 yrs nt touchin photoshop at all , though it is not much of an achievement .. but i spent hrs on them ( for edittin face sizes and etc ) ...

okie .. though i sound cheerful at the above portion .. but actuallie .. *shrugs*
anyway Last pic for today .. Contains parts and parcels of the songs i heard ..
Y i particularly choose them ? Well, coz i feel for these words ..

Mi go koonz liao .. late liao ..

[ - 雯'§ - ] penning down @ 7/11/2004 06:37:00 AM


sans amour .. mir ist einsam.....

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