Wednesday, July 21, 2004
did a pic tis morning .. ...
still in depressed mode .. thus pic done still a has a touch of sucidical issue in it ... but it is more related to the modern society ...

I knw it isnt as nice as the one i did previous .. but this is ENTIRELY FROM SCRATCH !! * though i still did get medicine bottles and pills pics .. but only to get them to pose as my brushes ... *

Anyway (in my opinion tht is), everyone is an fallen angel .. the reason we are fallen might be that we are on a journey to strike out our own path .. to feel , to see , to learn .. but yet there are among others that was led astray by all the temptations that was set up to test us all for our journey ... to lead us off track frm the journey or lesson learnt .. AND NO I AM NOT A CHRISTIAN NOR CATHOLIC .. i believe in Buddhism .. and i follow its philisophy ..

okie back to wht i was saying .. well actually i finish on describing the pic .. it is juz tht at tht moment ( 5 am in the morning , strangely enuff i woke up then and couldnt rest my eyes any longer ) i had that inspiration on doing such topic .. and yes i knw there are tons who did these kinda of related piece as well .. but still this is MINE ~!!!! ..

Will be seeing my cousellor tomolo , now i have actually no idea wht to tok to her abt .. coz at tht pt of time ( last week ) the reason i went couselling volutarily was becoz i couldnt control my emotions and couldnt let it out at all .. thus i went to get some1 i dunnoe to vent all my thinking and feelings out .. thus the emotions ride and rant....
Okie, those who knw mi basically you all should have a vague idea on mi obsessing with my eyelashes .. ( COZ IT IS FREAKING SHORT AND UNSEEN ) ... thus i always wanted them to be long and lusicious . And becoz of tht i always use 2 mascara for them .. 1 to lengthen them and 1 to volumize them .. to make them look long and thick .. and yet today .. i have a NEW RAVE .. * points to next col *

IT IS FREAKING GOOD !!!!!! why ?? it makes my lashes thick and lusicious ( though the effect is nt as gd as the method i use which is combining 2 mascaras ) .. it is light and yet its effects is visible .. i wonder .. if i combine it with my other 2 mascara wht will happen ?? * wahahahah smiling geefully * ..

" I dropped a tear into the ocean , the day i found it will only be the day i stopped loving you "

[ - 雯'§ - ] penning down @ 7/21/2004 06:31:00 PM


sans amour .. mir ist einsam.....

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